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Continuous Filter Dust Monitor

September 14, 2017
The Dust Alarm 40
The Dust Alarm 40

The Dust Alarm 40 is a rugged, accurate, and repeatable dust measurement device. The DA-40 offers continuous monitoring of broken bags in fabric filter baghouses. It features a bold display with many programmable functions.  

The DA-40 uses the proven benefits of ElectroDynamic probe electrification technology and a separate control unit and display with: adjustable baseline/sensitivity; scalable 4-20mA output; dual local programmable alarms and dual alarm relays; a clear, simple icon-driven menu and display with intuitive operation to deliver pragmatic and dependable broken bag monitoring.

The DA-40 electronics exclude short-term signal increases associated with pulse cleaning of the bag filter by appropriate setting of the alarm delay period. As a ‘dust gross filter failure detector,’ the instrument detects significant increases in particulate loading, which indicates a failure in the arrestment plant.

PCME Altech, Geneva, IL 630-262-4400 x295 www.altechusa.com/pcme

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