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Brushless DC Motors Are Lightweight, Compact

February 19, 2020
Brother Gearmotors brushless motors
Brother Gearmotors brushless motors

Brother Gearmotors offers a range of sub-fractional AC gearmotors and reducers for the food & beverage, packaging, and material handling industries.

These lightweight, compact, and efficient gearmotors are equipped with a five-year limited warranty for all standard products.

The brushless DC gearmotors align perfectly with Automated Guide Vehicle (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) applications. They are cost-effective, compact, and long lasting, and offer several advantages over brushed DC motors, including:

* Higher efficiency and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear
* High torque-to-weight ratio (increased efficiency), increased reliability, reduced noise, longer lifetime
* Inside of motor is entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter
* Precise control of torque and speed
* Better control of acceleration and deceleration

Brother Gearmotors, Bridgewater, NJ 866-523-6283 brothergearmotors.com

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