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Pneumatic Vibrators Aid Flow of Bulk Solids

January 22, 2015
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Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc. announces the availability of its B series line of pneumatic industrial vibrators. Consisting of pneumatic piston and rotary styles, the B series pneumatic industrial vibrators are cost-effective devices for assisting the discharge of bulk solid materials from bins, hoppers, and silos.

The BAH and BVP units are pneumatic single-shot air hammer (BAH) and direct or air-cushioned low frequency piston type (BVP) industrial vibrators. The rotary vibrators include the BVK ball vibrator, BVR ring-type vibrator, and the BVT turbine vibrator. Rotary pneumatic vibrators offer good energy and quiet operation, especially when compared to other types of pneumatic industrial vibrators.

Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc., Sterling, IL 815-632-3132 www.aplusfine.com

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