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Is Your Lab Compliant with New NFPA 45 Criteria?

Are you responsible for identifying hazards present in your laboratory? Do you know if your lab is currently compliant with NFPA 45 regulations?  

The NFPA 45 Standard for 2015 has just been published with many changes.  Among those changes, the new standard states, “If a hazard assessment determines that an automatic extinguishing system is required for the chemical fume hood, then the applicable automatic fire protection system standard shall be followed.”

While laboratory fume hoods help control the risk of fume inhalation, they provide little to no protection against the risk of fire – and can even complicate detection of fires starting in the hood. Virtually all labs have procedures in place to help prevent fires. However, accidents can and do happen and the presence of ignition sources such as gas burners, hot plates and pyrophoric materials – and the inherent volatility of some chemical compounds and reagents – all lead to a significant fire risk in the fume hoods. Firetrace International is a world leader in fire detection and suppression systems for fume cabinets.  

Detecting a fire in its early stage is critically important in reducing the risk of injury to laboratory personnel and/or the damage to equipment. The proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is the key to fast, accurate fire detection. This flexible, heat sensitive, polymer tubing is mounted behind the baffles of a fume cabinet. As a fire begins, the flames immediately follow the airflow into the cabinet’s baffles. With the Firetrace tubing crisscrossing the baffles, quick detection and suppression is assured in the cabinet before the fire can spread. In most cases the fire damage is limited to the apparatus in which it starts, with no subsequent damage to the room or facility.

Firetrace systems have been successfully protecting hoods against the risk of fire for more that two decades. The systems can be installed on new or existing hoods, will not interfere with fume hood operation or maintenance, and require no electrical power to operate.

For advice or further information, contact Firetrace at 480-607-1218 or info@firetrace.com, or visit www.firetrace.com.

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