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Pyrolysis with Screw Heat Exchangers

Pyrolysis with Screw Heat Exchangers

Celsius has developed a specific technology using screw heat exchangers to carry out various pyrolysis processes. Pyrolysis is a sustainable process with a pure end product. Due to the reduction in fossil fuel reserves and the demand for environmentally friendly production methods there is a great need for a sustainable and efficient recycling method. Pyrolysis means ‘decomposition caused by heat’. In the Pyrolysis process materials are broken down into separate usable fractions. The material is as it were thermally decomposed, a process also called cracking or (incorrectly) dry distillation. It is essential for this process that no oxygen is present. The process environment is inert. There is therefore no 'combustion' involved. What remains, the end product, is a pure product.
Celsius, The Netherlands +31(0)416 37 52 25 www.van-beek.nl

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