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Mole•Master Introduces Advanced Dry Ice Blasting

Mole•Master Introduces Advanced Dry Ice Blasting

Mole•Master Services Corp. is now offering dry ice blasting as part of its silo and bin cleaning and abrasive blasting services.

"Tremendous advances in engineering enable us to provide dry ice blasting that offers major reductions in set-up time and production downtime," said Dave Laing, Mole•Master general manager. "The overall impact on a customer's day-to-day operations is minimal."

In dry ice blasting, high-density CO2 pellets are propelled through a high-velocity air stream. The pellets make most contaminants brittle, causing them to contract and break away from the surface. The propellant then whisks away the contaminant.

"For more viscous contaminants, the pellets flush the contaminant, much like high-pressure water but without the rinse water containment and disposal problems," said Laing.

In combination with high-velocity air streams, Mole•Master employs interchangeable nozzles to provide the maximum possible aggression and flexibility for a wide range of cleaning requirements.

According to Laing, Mole•Master's dry ice blasting offers a number of advantages because it is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-toxic, and compliant with EPA, USDA, and FDA guidelines.

"Furthermore, the process creates no secondary waste," said Laing.

Mole•Master's dry ice blasting services are suitable for a wide array of industries, including: polymers, food, ethanol, electrical, pulp and paper, printing, auto parts manufacturing, automotive assembly, foundry, soap, marine, and aviation.

For more information, visit www.molemaster.com.

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