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MacroAir Launches Performance Guarantee Campaign

MacroAir Technologies recently launched a new Performance Guarantee campaign, a program designed to demonstrate confidence in its products and its standing as an industry leader.

Founded by Walter Boyd, the inventor of HVLS commercial fan technology, and a family-owned company since its inception in 1995, MacroAir combines technology with a unique application of the laws of physics to produce air-circulating fans for use in large industrial, commercial, and agricultural/farm buildings.

Diligently working to produce the most dependable, functional, and efficient HVLS air movement systems, MacroAir designs its products keeping power, quality equipment life, and service in mind. Encouraging potential customers to test their products against those of any competitor, MacroAir's Performance Guarantee allows customers the opportunity to test and compare any MacroAir fan to an equivalent model of any competitor. After a 30-day comparison, MacroAir is confident that customers will be convinced that its fans are superior to any competing HVLS system. A full refund will be offered to anyone wishing to return the MacroAir system after the 30-day comparison.

The MacroAir Performance Guarantee is as follows: Purchase a MacroAir fan. Install it where it can be tested and compared to any competitor's HVLS fan of equal diameter and horsepower. If after a 30-day comparison, it is not your opinion that the MacroAir model affected more space and generally felt better than our competition, send the undamaged MacroAir fan back to 794 South Allen St. San Bernardino, CA 92408 and receive a full refund or credit.

For more information, visit www.macro-air.com.

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