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Inside the Bulk Solids Innovation Center - First Floor

Article-Inside the Bulk Solids Innovation Center - First Floor

Besides the full scale test lab, there are other components to the first floor of the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center. The first floor contains laboratory spaceand a blower room, while the outside features a silo and dust collector for the facility.

Room # Description Supplier Purpose
103 Conference/Room  

Factory automation control room can be used to monitor and control the full scale systems from a remote location. Also serves as a conference room with a screen for presentations.

103 Control Hardware Rockwell Automation

Controls and computer server for automation monitoring, data acquisition, instrument communications, and server.

103 Control Room Concept & Programming Coperion K-Tron

Design and programming of the controls automation, monitoring, data acquisition, and communications concept.

107 Lab Manager's Office    
116 Future Laboratory for KSU and its Research Sponsors  

Possible uses include measurement of material properties; new tests and computer modeling to predict actual behavior; improving flow properties of a company’s particular material; system design recommendations; improving blending performance; reducing degradation; improving air usage control; reducing energy costs to convey material; making gravity flow more reliable; designing equipment to match a material’s requirements.

117 Shared Instrumentation Lab (Products Below)  

Includes apparatus and instruments for industry standard tests such as bulk density measurement, particle size distribution, and flow property analysis.

117 Powder Flow Tester Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc.

The PFT measures powder properties, including flowability, wall friction, bulk density, time consolidated flow function.

117 Particle Size Analyzer Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Mikro Air Jet Sieve measures particle size and size distribution ranging from 20 to 4,750 microns.

117 Powder Characteristics Tester Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

The PT-X measures powder properties, including angle of repose, cohesion, compressibility, aerated and packed density, uniformity, dispersibility.

118 Coperion K-Tron Lab  

Instrumentation and bench scale tests for measuring and predicting material properties.

119 Researcher Office/Cubicles    
121 Full Scale Laboratory  

Equipment and controls for measurement of actual bulk solids behaviors including storage, conveying, gravity flow, blending, segregation, degradation, dust collection, safety, and air pollution control.

122 Storage and maintenance room   Storage of parts, tool room.
123 Blower and motor control room  

This room holds equipment that can be loud or hot, and motor controls.

Click here to for an inside look of the second floor of the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center.

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