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Free Reference Guide to Understanding Drop Size Available

A new Spray Technology Reference Guide, Understanding Drop Size, has been released by Spraying Systems Co. to provide engineers with a working knowledge of drop size and related issues.

Engineers involved with many spray applications, such as evaporative cooling, gas conditioning, fire suppression, tablet coating, spray drying, and agricultural spraying, require drop size information in order to properly specify nozzles. However, there are many ways to measure and report drop size. This guide explains the various methods and how to interpret the results based on the equipment and techniques used.

The guide begins with a brief introduction to atomization, followed by in-depth information about drop size sampling techniques, drop size analyzers, statistics, and terminology commonly used by ASTM regarding drop size data analysis.

Factors affecting drop size and practical considerations for evaluating drop size data are also covered in the 36-page reference guide.

More information is available at www.spray.com or by contacting the company directly at 630-665-5000.

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