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Powder Show Exhibitor Highlights 2014


Powder Show Exhibitor Highlights 2014
Visit these featured exhibitors at International Powder & Bulk Solids, May 6-8, in Rosemont, IL


4b Components 2549
A&J Mixing 1744
ACS Valves 2219
Airlanco 3016
Admix 2704
B.A.G. Corp. 3840
Brabender Technologie 2725
Brookfield 2745
Bunting Magnetics Co. 1837
Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc. 1218
Carter Day/ Jacobson 3811
Chantland 2231
Columbia/Okura LLC 1605
Conitex Sonoco 3639
Conveyor Components Co. 2734
CPM Roskamp 1021
Crown Iron Works 3720
CST Storage 3211
Custom Equipment Design 2634
Custom Powder Systems 1256
Cyclonaire 2506
Dynamic Air Inc. 1405
Eastern Instruments 2703
Eriez 2015
Fenwal-IEP Technologies 3635
Fike Corp. 3519
Flexicon Corp. 1005
Flow Valves International 3719
FL Smidth 2815
Franklin Miller 1652
Fres-co System USA Inc. 3541
Gardner Denver 1029
GEA 1015
Global Technology Systems 2919
Great Western Manufacturing 2802
Hamer Inc. 3927
Hapman 3533
Hoffman & Lamson 1029
Houston Vibrator 2834
Iconotech 3830
Industrial Magnetics 2029
Inpro/Seal 1064
Jenike & Johanson 1400
Jet Pulverizer 2339

Kason Corp. 2107
Kistler-Morse 1845
Komline-Sanderson 1945
K.R. Komarek 2714
Kuriyama 2925
KWS Manufacturing Co. 1321
Litco International 3604
Lorenz Conveying Products 2325
Ludman Industries 2811
Magnum Systems 1214
Material Transfer & Storage 2035
Moisture Register Products 2615
Mollers North America 3816
Monitor Technologies 2407
Morris Coupling 1745
National Bulk Equipment Inc. 1613
NETZSCH Premier Technologies LLC 2349
Paul O. Abbe 3709
Pelletron 2715
Pentair Clean Air Systems 1813
Posi-flate 1012
Powder Process-Solutions 3505
Prater-Sterling 1304
Progressive Products Inc. 2635
Rapat Corp. 1500
Rice Lake Weighing Systems 2207
Rotex Global 1621
Schenck Process LLC 1437
Scientific Dust Collectors 3004
Scott Equipment 4027
Sioux Steel 2739
Solimar Pneumatics 2724
Spiroflow Systems 1731
Stedman 1601
Sturtevant 1737
SWECO 1204
Tank Connection 3525
Tapco 2814
Tecweigh 2515
UniTrak 2425
Vac-U-Max 1344
Volkmann Inc. 1545
Vortex Valves 3645
WAM Inc. 3500
Woodex/Meco 2931
yssmont 1000



Elevator Buckets
Booth 2549 - JUMBO CC-S elevator buckets by 4B Components offer greater carrying capacity, along with ultra-durability and wear resistance by having the thickest front lip, corners, and walls available.  Designed for close vertical spacing, the tapered bottom of the JUMBO CC-S ensures efficient bucket fill and discharge, especially in low-profile configurations.  The JUMBO CC-S is available in sizes ranging from 14 in. x8  in. to 24 in. x8 in. (additional sizes pending).
4B Components Ltd.


Bolt ‘N’ Go Drop Forged Conveyor Chain
Booth 2549 - The Bolt ‘N’ Go flight system is a revolutionary assembly method for drop forged. Link and flight assembly is made easy by using a standard bolt and mechanical lock nut with a high strength hollow pin. There are no circlips and no intricate assembly required. There is no welding of flights, no need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength.  Just bolt the links and the flights together.  The Bolt ‘N’ Go system is available in seven chain sizes ranging from 102NA to 200NA.
4B Components Ltd.


SpeedMaster - Speed Switch Sensor Testing & Calibration Device
Booth 2549 - The SpeedMaster accurately tests the calibration of speed switches and their alarm and shutdown underspeed relays. The SpeedMaster operates in two modes; input mode provides the user with the machine’s actual running speed, and output mode allows the user to test the speed switch at set underspeed trip points for real time verification of the monitoring systems alarm and shutdown functions.  Maintenance and safety personnel can now quickly, easily and accurately test 4B speed switches during recommended inspection schedules.
4B Components Ltd


Autoset Level & Plug Condition Monitor
Booth 2549 - The Autoset flush probe is a low profile radio-frequency level indicator for point level and plug detection of liquids and bulk granular materials. The probe inserts 1 to 2 in. into a tank or spouting, has no moving parts, and is made from 1/4 in. stainless steel plate. The unit employs a power shield which enables the unit to ignore material built up on the probe, preventing false readings. A four digit LED display shows set values for uncovered, covered, and trip settings, allowing for simple set-up and adjustment. Once the unit is calibrated for the application it never has to be re-calibrated. The Autoset is CSA Class II, Division 1 approved. 
4B Components Ltd.


Predictable, Repeatable, Reliable Mixing
Booth 1744 - A&J Mixing manufactures high performance paddle mixers that mix free flowing materials in under one minute to Cv. 5%. Repeat performance along with an aggressive shear solves mixing problems.  A&J’s continuous mixer is unique in that is has a balanced end to end transportation and mixing that can even out feeder variations. A new demo machine will be on display at the Powder Show.
A&J Mixing


Quick Clean Series
Booth 2219 - With the Quick-Clean Series from ACS Valves, you can disassemble, clean, and reassemble your rotary valve in about 20 minutes. Features include: quick release handles for fast disassembly; RotorRails to easily slide out the rotor assembly; Run-Clean features, such as angled surfaces, rounded edges, and factory-applied internal coatings to reduce material buildup in the housing during operation. Reduce your headaches, return to service faster, and improve your bottom line.
ACS Valves


Dust Collection Cyclones
Booth 3016 - Economical Airlanco cyclones come in three models: designated HE, HV, and RC. They operate without any filter media to clean or replace and are custom-made for their intended applications. Airlanco manufactures cyclones in carbon or stainless steel with round or square inlets and supply a variety of ancillary components such as duct work, fans, airlocks, and other equipment to provide complete integrated systems.


Powders Into Liquids
Booth 2704 - Admix Fastfeed is an integrated, skid-mounted inline powder induction & dispersion system for rapid incorporation and wetting out of difficult powders, up to 400# per minute. Powder feed rates are easily adjustable to insure that the proper concentration of dry materials are added quickly and effectively. Complete 100% dispersion of powders is guaranteed as the powder slurry mixture is passed through the high speed, high shear DynaShear, where many applications are finished in a single pass.
Admix Inc.


Bulk Bags
Booth 3840 - B.A.G. Corp. is a single-source solution for all bulk packaging needs since 1969. The company manufactures Super Sack containers, woven polypropylene flexible bulk containers for the shipping, handling and storing of dry, flowable products. Shop online at bagcorpstore.com or call (800) 331-9200 to speak to a B.A.G. Corp. packaging expert. We’ve moved - our new state of the art facility is at 1155 Kas Drive, Suite 170, Richardson, TX 75081.
B.A.G. Corp.


Automated Batch Feeding from Brabender
Booth 2725 - Brabender Technologie, Inc. Manufactures feeding equipment for small to medium capacity, high precision, continuous or batch weigh feeding applications.  Brabender offers several alternatives for automated dry ingredient batching. Loss in weight and add weigh; micro batch for batches as low as 50 grams; screw feeders, vibrating tray feeders, belt feeders; traveling weigh hoppers or weigh platforms (Batchmaster); feeder refill by bag dump, bulk bag unloader, hoppers; PLC-based controls, high precision weighing.
Brabender Technologie Inc.


Brabender Bin Activator
Booth 2725 - Brabender has installed more than 20,000 bin activators worldwide.  The type BAV 04 is the latest in design with high efficiency to induce flow out of a silo without transmitting vibration into the silo structure. The highly flexible polyurethane sleeve and spun cone provide the efficiency.  Standard sizes available are 2ft dia to 6ft dia, 304 SS contact parts.
Brabender Technologie Inc.


FlexWall Plus
Booth 2725 - The FlexWallPlus feeder is capable of reliably and accurately metering virtually all bulk ingredients and fibers.  Its main features are: MassFlow: The multi angled, trapezoid shaped polyurethane hopper combined with angular paddle movement, ensures the flow through the feeder is uniform (true mass flow) and fills the screw efficiently. It promotes highly accurate feed rates and batching performance. Since the feeder has a vertical walled extension hopper and reduced height due to large inlet to polyurethane FlexWall  screw trough, there is no need for agitation in extension hopper; compact size: Due to the trapezoid shape, the feeders form a compact grouping of 6 feeders around a common discharge point; loss-in-weight: The compact trapezoid footprint is identical to both the volumetric and gravimetric feeder with either a single high performance DigiMass II or analog load cell; external AC motor for low maintenance and easy maintenance.
Brabender Technologie Inc.


Powder Testing Labs
Booth 2745 - Brookfield’s state-of-the-art powder testing labs were developed in response to increasing customer demand for rapid evaluation of powder behavior and flowability. Customer samples are tested using Brookfield’s PFT Powder Flow Tester for Flow Function, Wall Friction and Bulk Density as a function of consolidation stresses. Shear cell methodology is the technical approach used to test all customer samples in accordance with ASTM D6128, D6682, and D6773.
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc.



Powder Flow Tester
Booth 2745 - The Powder Flow Tester is the ideal instrument for manufacturers who need to eliminate expensive downtime due to hoppers failing to discharge bulk solid materials. Perfect for characterizing new formulations, adjusting composition to match established products and characterizing temperature and humidity effects. Cost effective powder flow testing incorporates easy to use intuitive software for graphing and defining flow properties. Tests include flow function, bulk density, wall friction and time consolidation.
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc.


New Self-Cleaning Plate Housing Magnet
Booth 1837 - The new Bunting self-cleaning plate housing magnet incorporates powerful rare earth magnets to reliably and consistently remove metal from flow-resistant materials. The design of the new Bunting self-cleaning plate housing magnet makes it particularly applicable to hard-to-flow products. Because the new magnets are automatically self-cleaning, they can be equipped with control packages and installed in hard-to-reach locations where access may be difficult.
Bunting Magnetics Co.


Pneumatic Continuous-Cleaning HF Drawer Magnet
Booth 1837 - The Bunting pneumatic continuous-cleaning HF drawer magnet is designed to fully extend the magnetic cartridges outside the housing to clean “on-the-fly” with no disruption of product flow offering complete protection during the entire manufacturing process. This means no downtime saving on labor costs.
Bunting Magnetics Co.


Cost Effective Metal Detector – quickTRON 05
Booth 1837 - The Bunting quickTRON 05 metal detector is for the examination of bulk materials in gravity free fall applications. The unit is available with either a flap or cowbell style diverter. The flap style is recommended for powders, fine granular, or dry products and is available with an ATEX hazardous environmental rating. The cowbell is recommended from abrasive, sticky or non-powdered products.
Bunting Magnetics Co.


Wet Powder and Filter Cake Drying
Booth 1218 - The Carrier Vibro-Flash dryer processes wet powders and filter cakes that are too fine for a traditional fluid bed dryer. The Vibro-Flash will also handle wet feed materials that can include large agglomerates, frozen lumps, rocks, or other contaminants that would otherwise have to be screened out or milled prior to drying. Please stop by the Carrier booth to learn more about the company’s products and capabilities.
Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc.


Dual Rotor Crusher
Booth 3811 - The Carter Day/Jacobson “Half Nelson” crusher is a new dual rotor crusher with quick-change screen removal without removing ductwork revolutionizing process flow crushing. The “Half Nelson” crusher (HNC) machine with intermeshing pins and fixed sidewall combs which work together for maximum size reduction. The new design maintains a low profile unit which is important when minimum head room is required.  Carter Day/Jacobson offers this machine in mild steel, 304, and 316 stainless steel with USDA applications available. This machine can accept up to 6 in. (150 mm) size pieces. The HNC is ideal for de-agglomerating and crushing materials that can be broken apart by hand.
Carter Day/Jacobson


Automated Bag Handling and Filling
Booth 2231 - Chantland MHS’ AccelPak Model AP2600 fully automatic filling system for open mouth bags makes use of vertical bottom-up filling technology to fill bags with dry solids and powder products. Filling rates up to 10 bags per minute can be achieved with accuracies of .086 lbs at 2 sigma depending upon product characteristics and flowability. Chantland MHS’ AccelPak bag filling equipment is the smart choice for taking product from ‘Mass to Manageable.’
Chantland MHS


Robotic Valve Bag Placers
Booth 2231 - Chantland MHS engineers and manufactures bagging systems for long term reliability under a wide range of operating conditions, placing gusseted and non gusseted poly, woven - laminated poly and paper open mouth and valve bags. The robotic valve bag placers shown place bags on two filling spouts each at speeds of 18 bags per minute and are capable of placing bags on three spouts each. 
Chantland MHS


Robotic Bag Palletizers
Booth 2231 - Every system that Chantland MHS designs and builds is fully assembled and tested in our factory prior to shipment. Fast installation and start-up with no surprises or hidden costs is what each of our customers throughout the world has come to expect. Quality and performance is guaranteed.
Chantland MHS


Bulk Handling Belt Conveyors & Trippers
Booth 2231 - Since 1943, Chantland MHS has manufactured conveying equipment to improve the efficiency and productivity of customers throughout the world. Designed for reliable service and long life in a wide array of applications, Chantland conveyor designs include flat and troughed, slider and roller bed frames for horizontal and incline applications; corrugated sidewall belts for steep incline applications and flat wire and powered rollers for bag and pallet applications.
Chantland MHS


Robotic Palletizing Equipment
Booth 1605 - Columbia/ Okura is the premier provider of robotic palletizing equipment; stacking bags, boxes, trays, and bundles with perfect precision. No matter what your space, speed or budget requirements are, Columbia Okura can effortlessly integrate a palletizing system that is right for you.
Columbia/Okura LLC


Your Partner in Packaging
Booth 3639 - Featuring BulkSak, Conitex Sonoco delivers economic value by consistently providing four vital product advantages: reliable strength; custom innovation; delivery assurance; and worldwide support. Conitex Sonoco complements its bulk bag offerings with its product-patented LoadRunner corrugated pallets. They are heavy-duty, ergonomic, lightweight, hygienic and export-ready alternatives to wood and plastic pallets. Stop by the Conitex Sonoco booth and find out how the company can be your partner in packaging.
Conitex Sonoco


BulkSak Clover Bag on a LoadRunner Pallet
Booth 3639 - With over 30 years of packaging experience, companies worldwide trust Conitex Sonoco to provide high-performance industrial packaging including FIBCs, batch inclusion, paper, and BOPP bags; corrugated pallets. Come see BulkSak’s innovative FIBC Clover Bag that provides the benefits of a baffle-style bag with the capability of installing a protective liner and is designed for stable stack-ability, increased safety, maximizing warehouse space as well as delivering logistics and freight savings.
Conitex Sonoco


Cable Operated Safety Stop Control
Booth 2734 - Conveyor Components Company’s Model RS is a heavy-duty safety stop control that provides a quick positive shut off of dangerous equipment in an emergency.  A cable pulled by endangered personnel actuates the control. The output contacts can control up to two circuits, one for machinery shutdown and one for alarm. Explosion proof models are available.
Conveyor Components Co.


New Generation of Tilt Level Controls
Booth 2734 - The Model CT control units are enclosed in rugged cast aluminum housings with LED indicators lights. They are UL listed and available in three different models for level detection in most environments including hazardous locations. The controller now allows for 5,000 ft. of cable length between the controller and probe, permitting placement of the controller in an easily accessible area.  Probes are intrinsically safe and UL listed when used in conjunction our control units.
Conveyor Components Co.


Compact Speed Sensing Control
Booth 2734 - The Model CMS is a compact motion sensing control designed to protect rotating equipment from costly damage. The unit can be installed at any point on the conveyor and is easily adjusted to signal under speed, over speed, or zero speed. The enclosure is made of rugged cast aluminum and contains the electronic and mechanical components. Explosion proof models are available for use in hazardous environments.
Conveyor Components Co.


Brush Style Conveyor Belt Cleaner
Booth 2734 - The Model BR belt cleaner has a unique brush consisting of twelve bristle strips held in cast iron hubs. The flexible brush is open faced, self-cleaning and will not load or clog. The bristles are long lasting nylon, with oil tempered wire and polypropylene bristles available. Replacement bristle strips are easy to insert and are cost effective. The cleaner is available for many belt widths and adjusts to fit any size conveyor.
Conveyor Components Co.


One Leader in Pelleting
Booth 1021 - CPM/Roskamp Champion manufactures a broad range of products for the processing industry. Products include pellets mills, roller mills, grinders, hammermills, and shredders. CPM equipment has served the food processing, plastics, chemical, mineral, pet food, and wood industries for more than 75 years. These markets have chosen CPM equipment for its endurance, reliability, and manufacturing excellence.


Flash Dryers Deliver
Booth 3720 - Crown’s milling flash dryer uses low-pressure jet milling principles and a no moving part design to deliver discrete and fine end products. Crown’s milling flash dryer yields finer products than mechanical flash dryers. Short residence times protect temperature sensitive products.
Crown Iron Works Co.


Bulk Storage Tank Systems
Booth 3211 - CST Storage, formerly Columbian TecTank, offers experienced, fast, and economical construction with a proven track record of storage success.  CST's BulkTec storage systems are engineered to withstand abrasive materials and provide the longest service of any tanks.  CST offers: flexible designs with expandability options through dedicated, in-house engineering staff; truck-through and train-through silos make logistics easy; and bolted panels and welded tanks manufactured out of carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.
CST Industries


FIBC and IBC Packaging Systems
Booth 2634 - For more than 34 years, Custom Equipment Design has continually set the standard for easy to maintain, durable, and adaptable semi-bulk packaging equipment. Custom Equipment Design machines handle the world’s needs, whether it’s food-grade, pharmaceutical, chemical, petro-chemical, agricultural, or mining products. CED, a company with innovative ideas and designs, provides the ultimate quality and performance in the FIBC/IBC packaging market.
Custom Equipment Design Inc.


Drum Inverter Within an Isolator
Booth 1256 - The drum inverter within a glovebox isolator allows a drum of dry material to be safely opened and inverted for discharge while protecting the operator from any airborne material. The full operation of opening the drum, docking to a discharge nozzle and closing the drum occurs using glove ports and automated processes. The glovebox isolator contains the process and protects the worker from the dust hazard. Redundant safety interlocks are used to insure a safe and repeatable drum discharge process.
Custom Powder Systems


Yield Increase with Anti-Segregation Device
Booth 1256 - The EZ-Down patented system transfers blended product from an IBC or Hopper into packaging or other process equipment at a gentle, controlled rate without segregation or degradation of the product. The product flows uniformly through a centrally located flexible, sanitary sleeve. The EZ-Down system eliminates product loss and maintains a homogeneous product blend, reducing process time and improving profitability.
Custom Powder Systems


CB-Series Blend-Veyor
Booth 2506 - The CB-Series is a vacuum loaded semi-dense phase blender and conveyor with a capacity of up to 80 TPH. It is best suited for multiple sourced, powdered, granular, or pelletized abrasive materials that are friable. The medium pressure blowerair is used to venturi-vacuum load and convey two or more materials at lower line velocities and higher material-to-air ratios, minimizing abrasive wear and particle degradation.


Gentle Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Booth 1405 - Dynamic Air is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic conveying systems and process equipment. Each Dynamic Air system is custom-designed to provide a conveying solution that fits the process perfectly. Dynamic Air systems handle a wide range of dry bulk materials from silica sand to sugar and bulk densities at rates from 500 lbs to 450 tns/hr, over distances to 6,000 ft.
Dynamic Air Inc.


Solids Flow Measurement Solutions
Booth 2703 - Eastern Instruments is a flow measurement solutions company that manufactures complete lines of solids flow meters, feeders, and fillers.  Whether you are batching or blending plastic pellets, coating snack foods with flavoring, or ratio-controlling a particular cement powder recipe, Eastern Instruments can help.  Stop by the Eastern Instruments booth and find out how.
Eastern Instruments


Xtreme Metal Detector
Booth 2015 - The Eriez Xtreme metal detector blends simplicity and sophistication with its easy-to-navigate control with extra-large color interface. The Xtreme metal detector boasts a completely re-designed and incredibly user-friendly interface.  Highlights include full QWERTY keyboard, robust auto set-up, dedicated reject log, and vivid display. The Xtreme metal detector offers greater sensitivity with its multiple frequency range and vibration immunity. An integrated beacon and configurable inputs and outputs enable easy installation. Maintenance is trouble-free with the Xtreme’s large control opening for easy access to wiring.


Explosion Protection Solutions
Booth 3635 - Since 1959, Fenwal-IEP Technologies has provided explosion protection solutions to the industry, protecting people and critical processes from dust explosion hazards while helping customers meet regulations and standards such as the OSHA Combustible Dust Directive and NFPA 654. Together with sister companies throughout the world, Fenwal-IEP Technologies has the products and experience to provide the right solution for your explosion protection needs. Products and services include: explosion suppression; explosion isolation (active & passive); explosion relief venting; and flameless venting.
Fenwal-IEP Technologies


Explosion Protection Solutions
Booth 3519 - Since 1945, Fike Corp. has been a leader in industrial protection solutions; offering protection to people and assets. Fike offers a complete line of explosion protection products including explosion isolation (active & passive); explosion suppression; explosion venting and flameless venting. With Fike’s team of in-house engineers and scientists, Fike understands industrial processes, dust collection concerns, relevant code compliance, and how critical continued plant operation is. Let Fike help determine the right protection for your needs.
Fike Corp.


Bag Dumping System with Glove Box, Compactor, Conveyor
Booth 1005 - This new bag dumping system with dust collector, glove box, bag compactor, and flexible screw conveyor isolates bulk material from the operator and plant environment from point of entry to point of discharge. Maintains negative pressure throughout the sealed system, containing dust generated during bag opening, dumping and compaction activities, while preventing the escape of dust through the plastic strip curtain.
Flexicon Corp.


Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor
Booth 1005 - With hopper, support boom and conveyor assembly tilted down, this sanitary tilt-down flexible screw conveyor can fit through doorways, and allows the flexible screw to be removed easily for thorough cleaning. An air displacement vent with cartridge filter and reverse pulse cleaning system returns accumulated dust to the hopper. The flexible screw conveyor transports free- and non-free-flowing materials including blends.
Flexicon Corp.


Cost Effective Alternative to Butterfly and Slide Gate Valves
Booth 3719 - Syntron Iris flow control valves give customers the full measure they purchased and save money by not overfilling. The valves permit the free flow of materials without binding, seizing, or damaging product. These iris diaphragm valves can be easily positioned from open to closed by rotating the handle. Various valve types and sizes are offered to meet customers' exact specifications.
Syntron / Flow Valves International


Precise, Reliable Metering
Booth 2815 - FLSmidth's rotary cutoff metering valve has a special v–notch rotor opening and continuously modulating actuator and provides accurate flow control of pulverized material. Numerous applications include: silo loadout to trucks/railcars within total tonnage goals; precise control to other equipment, with 4-20ma signal feedback; and field conversions from rotary cutoff valve to rotary cutoff metering valve. The product provides precise, reliable flow control of pulverized material while discharging from storage silos.
FLSmidth Inc.


Pipeline Delumper
Booth 1652 - The Pipeline Delumper  is a powerful in-line processor that chops, destroys, disperses, and suspends tough solids in fully enclosed pipe systems. It eliminates blockages, works the stream to free flow, and prevents damage to pumps and other equipment.  It is suitable for wet, dry, pressure, or gravity  systems. The ultra-compact, straight-through unit is designed for easy installation and is fabricated in carbon and stainless steel in 3 to 24 in. pipe sizes.
Franklin Miller Inc.


Termalock Industrial Sealers — Eco-efficient, Cost-Effective
Booth 3541 - The Termalock industrial Sealer is a gateway from rigid, costly-to-transport industrial packaging to a solution that is flexible and eco-efficient. The payoff to you and your community? You can lower your environmental footprint and reduce transportation expenses. Discover the difference Fres-co can make in packaging a variety of bulk dry flowable products, ranging from seeds and resins, to herbicides, pesticides, specialty chemicals, and more.
Fres-co System USA Inc.


Blowers for Pneumatic Conveying
Booth 1029 - Gardner Denver announces the release of the 412 HeliFlow.  The HeliFlow utilizes revolutionary twisted tri-lobe technology that lowers noise levels up to 7 dBA compared to straight lobe blowers. The HeliFlow 412 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of pneumatic conveying applications delivering up to 1000 ICFM, pressure to 15 PSIG, and vacuum to 16 in. Hg.
Gardner Denver


Freeze Dryers
Booth 1015 - GEA Atlas freeze dryers are capable of handling most freeze drying applications, providing technically superior process and product quality. Freeze drying application is most suitable where maintaining the structure and properties of the original product is very important such as fruits, vegetables, meats, coffee, and cultured/fermented products. GEA freeze dryers have automatic control of the drying cycle for each batch; drying is carefully controlled through a wide range from below freezing temperature to up to 130°C to ensure perfect product quality. The GEA RAY 1 is available in Hudson, WI for pilot testing or short term leasing.


AirSafe – Continuous Ambient Air Dust Monitoring
Booth 2919 - The AirSafe monitors the dust concentration in ambient air; for example in control system areas, silo areas, boiler houses, or work stations. It can be used as an early detection for dust which could endanger the workplace. AirSafe consists of a flow duct and an integral triboelectric dust sensor. The system uses a relay contact to alarm upset conditions and an optional transmitter can be used to output a 4-20mA signal proportional to dust concentration.
Global Technology Systems Inc.


Quality Assurance Sifters
Booth 2802 - Great Western Manufacturing will be displaying its line of quality assurance sifters designed for gravity flow or in-line pneumatic conveying systems. Units feature ease of access for inspection and maintenance, pneumatic sieve compression system, and the reliable Tru-Balance drive which provides the gentle gyratory sifting motion for which Great Western sifter/screeners are known. The line of sifters/screeners are used for scalping, grading and fines removal from dry, free-flowing powders and granular materials.
Great Western Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Robotic Palletizer Systems
Booth 3927 - Hamer’s proven industrial quality and innovative designs offer the best value in durable, long lasting palletizing systems. All Hamer robotic palletizers feature high quality in-feed conveyors, designed specifically for industrial plant requirements. Plus, Hamer features easy-to-use operator HMI and complete design and build services. Robotic palletizers increase production and reduce labor adding to the bottom line.
Hamer LLC


Flexible Screw Conveyor
Booth 3533 - The Helix flexible screw conveyor is engineered to fit a broad selection of hoppers and augers. Popular sizes can quick-ship in 48 hrs. Choose from a stainless or low-cost 'poly' hopper. Standard Helix models can convey up to 25 cf/m at heights up to 40 ft. Servicing is simple and quick with T-handle connectors that require no special tools.


En-Masse Drag Conveyor
Booth 3533 - Hapman’s en-masse drag conveyor moves tons of material per hour, featuring a drop-forged chain assembly in a sealed and fully-enclosed A.R. plate housing. The en-masse drag conveyor is engineered to handle a wide range of high-volume bulk material and can operate 24/7 in aggressive, or high-temperature applications using less energy than other conveyors.


Tubular Drag Conveyor Offers Flexible Layout Options
Booth 3533 - Hapman’s versatile tubular drag conveyor gently conveys on multiple planes and in any direction from numerous inlets and outlets, featuring 100% discharge of material. The flexible engineered design allows for infinite layout configurations. The totally enclosed conveyor keeps material in the process. This versatile conveyor is ideal for conveying blended or friable products, and can handle powders, crystals, granules, and other bulk solids.


Engineered Vacuum Systems
Booth 1029 (Gardner Denver booth) - Engineered vacuum systems, each comprised of a vacuum producer, separators and complementary components, are designed to match your exact application requirements. These include general cleaning, material recovery, vacuum conveying of material and the capture of dangerous or hazardous dust. Hoffman & Lamson has extensive experience creating engineered vacuum systems customized for your particular needs.
Hoffman & Lamson



Industrial Vibrators
Booth 2834 - Houston Vibrator provides reliable industrial vibrators and related equipment for the fluidization of bulk materials and small parts in storage bins, conveyors, feeders, railcar unloading, packaging, compaction, and more. Houston Vibrator’s industrial vibrator product line includes pneumatic and electric vibrators, custom vibrating tables, and railcar unloading equipment.
Houston Vibrator


New Universal Printing System
Booth 3830 - Iconotech’s new Optimizer KR-U provides nearly continuous feeding and high volume printing of rsc cases, die cuts, valve, and gusset type multi-wall kraft bags. KR-U indexing conveyor moves stacks of product to a lift table and vacuum feeder that delivers each piece to the printer, restacker and return conveyor.  Throughput is 45 pieces per minute. Simple, fast, flexible generic bag and case printing.


Stronger Rare Earth Magnets from IMI
Booth 2029 - In keeping with its core mission of providing the most effective magnetic separation equipment available to the marketplace, Industrial Magnetics Inc. announced a January 2014 move to the exclusive use of 52 grade MgOe rare earth material. This upgrade will cover all round Rare Earth circuitry in IMI tramp metal family of products.
Industrial Magnetics Inc.


SimpleClean RotoDrawer Magnet
Booth 2029 - The  RotoDrawer  rotary style magnet was designed to capture ferrous metal contaminants from gravity fed,  powder and bulk processed products that have difficult flow characteristics and a tendency to bridge or choke when using traditional, stationary, tube-style magnetic separators. Featuring a motorized, cylindrical configuration of rare earth magnetic tubes that continually rotate through the product stream, the RotoDrawer keeps the flow moving through the housing, while capturing any ferrous metal contaminants and purifying the product.
Industrial Magnetics Inc.


Magnetic Housing for Pneumatic Line Applications
Booth 2029 - IMI has added a Simple Clean version to its highly successful pneumatic line housing (PLH) family. From the platform of the EZ-Clean and Self-Clean versions, the  Simple Clean represents an economic solution while still providing  far superior metal separation than other options available for pneumatic conveying applications. This is possible because IMI’s design forces product to make repeated and intimate contact with the magnetic tubes creating better metal capture.
Industrial Magnetics Inc.


4JIT Pneumatic Line Bullet Magnet
Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has introduced a line extension of its popular Rare Earth pneumatic line Bullet Magnet called the 4JIT Bullet.  This design offers more portability and features a 100% stainless food grade two-part body which is fastened together during operation with a tri-clover clamp. The 4JIT Bullet is designed to operate leak-free at up to 130 psi and is capable of operation in explosive environments.
Industrial Magnetics Inc.


Permanent Bearing Protection
Booth 1064 - Inpro/Seal, the inventor of the bearing isolator, has provided permanent bearing protection to rotating equipment for over 35 years. This unique technology in a non-contacting compound labyrinth seal that keeps lubrication in and contamination out – permanently protecting the bearings in pumps, motors, gearboxes, pillow blocks, and other rotating equipment.


Complete Shaft Seals
Booth 1064 - The Inpro/Seal Air Mizer is a non-contacting, non-wearing shaft seal that permanently seals against product leakage and contamination. Its unique design is maintenance free and fully articulates to accommodate angular, radial, and axial shaft movement. The Inpro/Seal Air Mizer seals powders, liquids, and bulk solids and can be split for easy installation on your mixers, blenders, extruders, agitators and other product applications.


Complete Shaft Seals For The Food Industry
Booth 1064 - The Inpro/Seal food grade Air Mizer is a non-contacting, non-wearing shaft seal that permanently seals against product leakage and contamination. Its unique design meets the specifications of the food industry and fully articulates to accommodate angular, radial, and axial shaft movement. The Inpro/Seal Air Mizer seals powders, liquids, and bulk solids and can be split for easy installation on your mixers, blenders, extruders, agitators, and other product applications.


We are Bulk Solids Science Engineering and Design
Booth 1400 - Jenike & Johanson is the world's leading company in powder and bulk solids handling, processing, and storage technology. Over the past 55 years, Jenike & Johanson has tested more than 10,000 unique powders and bulk solids and worked on more than 7,500 projects, giving the Jenike & Johanson team the broadest real-world and in-depth experience in the industry to address a wide variety of bulk material handling and engineering needs.
Jenike & Johanson


Precision Jet Pulverizers
Booth 2339 - Jet Pulverizer Co. is a toll processor and manufacturer of the Micron-Master and Pharma-Master [USDA accepted] precision jet pulverizers. The company offers complete milling systems for industrial, commercial, and sanitary applications, processing grams to 10,000 PPH. Size reduction services for dry powders in the range of 0.25 to 200 microns are available. New ISO8 (Class 100,000) room. FDA and ISO 9001:2008 registered.
Jet Pulverizer Co.


Quick-Clean Centrifugal Screener
Booth 2107 - New Centri-Sifter high capacity centrifugal screener has a cantilevered shaft with two, externally-mounted bearings between screening chamber and motor drive (no bearing on hinged end plate) allowing internal components to slide freely from shaft end for cleaning, screen changes, or inspection.  Available to USDA, FDA, BISSC, 3-A, and other sanitary standards in configurations for gravity-fed or in-line pneumatic operation.
Kason Corp.


Two-Deck Screener
Booth 2107 - New Sanitary Vibroscreen double-deck screener removes oversize and undersize particles from on-size chemicals, minerals, plastics, foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and other bulk materials on a batch or continuous basis. Equipped with quick-disconnect clamps and integral clean-in-place (CIP) spray wash system. Meets 3-A, FDA, and BISSC sanitary standards. Diameters from 18 to 100 in. (460 to 2540 mm).
Kason Corp.


Strain Gauge Weighing Sensors
Booth 1845 - Transform a silo, tank or other vessel into a scale with Kistler-Morse Microcell strain gauge weighing sensors. Kistler-Morse pioneered this bolt-on technology which provides reliable, continuous measurement of bulk material in in storage vessels. Microcell sensors are highly sensitive, thermally stable, semiconductor strain gauges that bolt directly to the support structure of a vessel making them easy to install, retrofit and maintain. The vessel becomes a weighing system as the sensors continually measure changes in the compression of each support member and provide an electrical output directly related to material weight.


Wireless Radios
Booth 1845 - Kistler-Morse has announced the addition of InvisiLink wireless radios. InvisiLink wireless radios eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome wiring, cabling, and conduit materials. Communicating via RS-485, RS-422, or 4-20mA when used in conjunction with the Kistler-Morse 4-20mA converter, multiple signals from sensors across a bank of vessels can be consolidated into one digital signal which can be sent back to a receiver wirelessly.


Filter. Wash. Clarify. Dry. Heat. Cool.
Booth 1945 - Paddle dryer/paddle processors for indirect heating, drying, cooling, reacting, crystallizing (polymers). Vapor tight and vacuum designs available. Vacuum filtration for dewatering, clarification, and cake washing. Wastewater clarification, sludge dewatering, and drying is also available. Komline-Sanderson, a global provider of quality equipment, designs and manufactures innovative equipment and systems for process, wastewater treatment, and sludge management applications. Ease of operation, rugged construction, proved performance, and superior customer service are hallmarks of Komline-Sanderson installations.


Briquetting and Compaction Machines
Booth 2714 - K. R. Komarek Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of roll type briquetting machines and compacting machines ranging from laboratory machines to full production systems. Komarek machines are used in the processing of materials for the chemical, mineral, agricultural, energy, metals, ceramic, and recycling industries. No single briquetter design is best for all applications; Komarek offers the widest range of machine designs and capabilities of any manufacturer.
K.R. Komarek Inc.


Tigerflex Voltbuster Static Dissipative Hose
Booth 2925 - Voltbuster Volt series hose by Tigerflex, features an innovative design which effectively dissipates static to ground, helping prevent static buildup and reducing the potential for dangerous electrostatic discharges when transferring powders, pellets, and other granular materials. The hose tube is constructed from highly abrasion resistant, food grade polyurethane. The grounding wire is encapsulated in a rigid helix on the exterior of the hose, safely eliminating the risk of contaminating the transferred materials.
Kuriyama of America Inc.


Engineered Screw Conveyors
Booth 1321 – Screw conveyors are custom designed for your application.   Totally enclosed systems are available for bulk materials that are harmful or explosive.  Shafted, shaftless and ribbon screw conveyors can be recommended and tailored for any specific purpose. Detailed drawings will be provided during the approval process to ensure compliance with customer needs. An experienced team with sales and engineering expertise will work with you from concept until installation and complete satisfaction.
KWS Manufacturing Co.


Pallet Solutions
Booth 3604 - Litco International Inc. offers export and domestic pallet solutions starting at $6.75 for sizes 42 in. x 42 in. and 48 in. x 40 in. The company offers Inca molded wood pallets, which are free of nails that tear bags. Due to low moisture content, they are free of mold and bugs and are ISPM-15 exempt for export. They are welcome worldwide and are very strong for shipping pharmaceutical, food, and chemicals. Free samples are available.
Litco International Inc.


Diverter Valves, Two, Three or Four-Way
Booth 2325 - Lorenz manufactures two, three or four-way diverter valves for dilute phase pressure and vacuum systems. Ranging from 2 in. to 8 in. OD in a variety of configurations. A lightweight aluminum sealed housing and stainless steel blade provide durability and corrosion resistance plus positive sealing.  Choices of inlet & outlet materials and coupling connections enhance the flexibility of the valve. We are the “conveying products people.”
Lorenz Conveying Products


Maintenance Gates
Booth 2325 - Maintenance Gates manufactured by Lorenz are used for mounting above airlocks or below bins and hoppers that require periodic shutdowns for maintenance of dry material. Lorenz maintenance gates can be used in dilute phase, vacuum, and gravity applications. Available in square or round configurations. Lorenz manufactures a full line of products ideal for pneumatic conveying and bulk handling systems with a standard two week delivery time.   
Lorenz Conveying Products


Pneumatic Conveying Components
Booth 2325 - Lorenz Couplings are the solution for dry bulk applications. Couplings are available in either quick release T-Handle models for frequent access or bolted models for more permanent applications. Lorenz tube & pipe bending service ensures quick delivery on long radius bends in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized. Fittings, reducers, tube and pipe straights, flex hose, and camlocks complete the company’s line of products.  Lorenz manufactures a full line of products ideal for pneumatic conveying and bulk handling systems.
Lorenz Conveying Products


Series “E” Slide Gates
Booth 2325 - Lorenz manufactures slide gates for pressure, vacuum, or gravity conveying systems. The 3/8 in. thick top and bottom flanges provide increased pressure on the seals with greater torque on the plates. Slide gates are constructed with a lightweight aluminum body and polished stainless blade. Two-week delivery times remain standard.  Lorenz manufactures a full line of products ideal for dry bulk conveying.
Lorenz Conveying Products


Ludman Granulators
Booth 2811 - Ludman roll crushers or granulators offer the latest technology, design, reliability, and superior performance; far superior and more efficient at producing more on size product than chain mills, hammer mills, or cage mills. Ludman roll crushers are designed for gradual size reduction in one, two, or three stages per unit depending upon the ratio of feed size to desired finished product size.
Ludman Industries


ECO Phase Pneumatic Conveying
Booth 1214 - ECO Phase is the latest addition to Smoot’s innovative approach to pneumatic conveying.  ECO Phase takes the best attributes of a semi-dense phase system and the continuous feed of a dilute phase system. This patented pneumatic conveying system, ECO Phase, operates at the most efficient levels continuously, reducing horsepower requirements. The benefits are lower equipment and operating cost investment.
Magnum Systems/Smoot


Bulk Unloading IBC 2000 
Booth 1214 - The Taylor Product IBC 2000 unloaders are adaptable to nearly any discharge or de-weigh application. The tripod de-weigh configuration improves load distribution for increased accuracy and operator safety.
Magnum Systems/Smoot


Robotic Bag Filling Solutions
Booth 1214 - The TRV1000 is the latest in innovation from Taylor Products. The placer is capable of placing bags on multiple machines, being mounted in multiple positions, and customizable to specific application with a small footprint to facilitate placement in tight surroundings. For over 50 years Taylor Products, a division of Magnum Systems, has provided customers with versatile, cost effective packaging equipment and solutions.
Taylor Products, Division of Magnum Systems


Innovative Slide Diverter Valve
Booth 1214 - The Smoot 3-position slide diverter valve features a unique sealing method, which uses regulated compressed air, applied to the sealing rings. This results in an airtight seal between the inlet and outlet ports and allows the valve to can be used in either pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems. This unique design minimizes line deflection. Valves are bi-directional and are ideal for divert or converge applications.
Smoot Co., a div. of Magnum Systems


180° Lift & Seal Drum Discharging System
Booth 2035 - The drum discharging system inverts drums of various dry materials. The MTS hydraulic Lift & Seal System seals drum to a dust-tight pour cone for a clean working environment. The pour cone outlet valve mates to a stainless steel surge hopper (not shown) allowing connection to downstream equipment. A patented Control Link rotation system provides 180° drum rotation for maximum product discharge. All product contact surfaces are polished type 304 stainless steel.
Material Transfer & Storage


Material Master Powerfill Filling System
Booth 2035 - High output filling system with Easy-Load rotary bag hanger system. After connection and inflation, the bag is filled by weight to a programmed set point. Once filled, the bag inlet spout and straps release, the fill head raises, and the filled bag is discharged with a powered roller conveyor. Allen-Bradley PLC controls with a color PanelView operator interface provide easy access to system status, recipes, and operational parameters.
Material Transfer & Storage


Bulk Bag Material Conditioner
Booth 2035 – This patented system utilizes hydraulically actuated, twin heavy wall tubular steel pivoting conditioning arms. Each conditioning arm features "v-shaped" tubular steel breaker profiles which safely and efficiently return solidified materials to a free-flowing state. The rotary lift table positions the bulk bag for thorough material conditioning. Unit features an ultra-compact footprint and machine guarding for operator safety.
Material Transfer & Storage


Material Master Bulk Bag Discharger
Booth 2035 - Patented Material Master Bulk Bag Discharger  System offers exclusive features which maximize production efficiency. Automatically sequenced Flow-Master bag massagers and Power-Flo bag impactors promote material flow, while a Flo-Lock discharge spout closure system halts material flow for partial bag discharging. A Sure-Seal pneumatically actuated spout clamping system seals the discharge spout during the discharge cycle. System includes an integrated pulse jet dust collector, and stainless steel product contact surfaces.
Material Transfer & Storage


Moisture Measurement Instrumentation Since 1933
Booth 2615 - Moisture Register meters employ the various principles of moisture determination including NIR (near infra red), RF (radio frequency), DC Resistance, and microwave. They are used in most every industry including foods, chemicals, paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lumber, wall board, carpet, ceiling tiles, etc.  Types of end products analyzed include powders, granules, chips, flakes, web (paper and film), and board materials.  The Moisture Register product line encompasses on line, non-destructive, real-time meters as well as laboratory and hand-held portable moisture meters.
Moisture Register Products


Stretch-Hooding System
Booth 3816 - The automatic stretch-hooding system from Mollers North America delivers superior load unitization and protection. A one-piece hood is formed from a continuous roll of gusseted film. The formed hood is stretched over the load, securing it to the pallet providing five-sided sealed protection. The system can accommodate a wide range of load sizes with rates up to 120 loads/hr.
Mollers North America


Versatile and Reliable Level Indicators
Booth 2407 - Monitor Technologies’ TrueCap RF capacitance point level sensors provide stable sensitivity and durability for powder and bulk solids applications, as well as, some liquids and slurries. The TrueCap sensors feature temperature compensation, push-button calibration (on MK-2 series), and automatic immunity to material buildup on the probe by its driven shield design. Options to fit a wide variety of applications include food grade probe, stub probe (pictured), cable extension probe, quick-connect version, and more.
Monitor Technologies LLC


Industry’s First Choice
Booth 1745 - Proven quality, superior service, and an unending commitment to total customer satisfaction has firmly established Morris Coupling as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of components for pneumatic conveying systems. Morris Coupling products include pipe and tube bends, straight pipe and tubing, quick-on and gripper couplings, welded fabrications, flexible hose, installation components, extended wear bends, cam and groove coupling, and the original Morris compression coupling. Warehouses in Canada and Europe.
Morris Coupling Co.


Bulk Container Dumper Sanitary-specific Design Advantages
Booth 1613 - The sanitary-specific design features of this bulk container dumper simplifies compliance with regulatory codes and standards, and drastically reduce changeover times relative to re-purposed, general industry designs. Its sanitary-specific design features include: eliminating internal angles, corners, and dead spaces to reduce accumulation of contaminants; angled planes, rounded-radius framework, highly finished plate, and stand-offs to speed moisture run-off; and subassembly access, removal, and replacement as single-operator, tool-less actions, reducing time and labor per changeover.
National Bulk Equipment Inc.
www. nbe-inc.com


Automated Bag Emptying of Multiwall Bags
Booth 1613 - At a bag-empty rate of 240 bags/hr, this automated material infeed system ensures reliable, contaminant-free material supply to downstream operations. Bag opening occurs within the cutting head enclosure where high-speed blades cleanly open bags without shredding. The rotary separator removes contents from packaging and feeds contents into hopper for pneumatic takeaway. Inline aspiration removes residual contents, providing up to 99.95% material infeed. Separated packaging material is collected for recycling or disposal.
National Bulk Equipment Inc.


Bulk Bag Filler Built On Integrated Construction & Controls Infrastructure Improves Process Performance
Booth 1613 - This automated bulk bag filler, built on the National Bulk Equipment integrated construction and controls infrastructure, operates on paired, process-specific structural framework chassis with all automation and controls centralized to a single HMI. The NBE integrated infrastructure provides the basis for reduced total cost of ownership, while improving bulk material handling process efficiency and the accuracy of production data shared throughout the enterprise.
National Bulk Equipment Inc.


Bulk Bag Unloader Speeds Changeover Times; Improves Throughput
Booth 1613 - This NBE bulk bag unloader system conditions and discharges various semi free-flowing, hygroscopic, contaminable powders at a rate of 8,000 lbs/hr, while feeding the powders to the end-of-line CPG container filling system. The system enables a fill rate of 850 containers per hour. Changeover times were reduced due to design features, including: eliminating internal angles, corners, and dead spaces to reduce accumulation of contaminants; angled planes, rounded-radius framework, and stand-offs to speed moisture run-off from product contact areas; and subassembly access, removal, and replacement as single-operator, tool-less actions to reduce time and labor per event.
National Bulk Equipment Inc.


Advancements in Nanotechnology
Booth 2349 - NETZSCH Premier Technologies Booth will feature fluidized-bed jet mill, steam jet mill, and  laboratory-scale agitator mill for dry grinding and classifying applications to the nanometer range. Stop by to learn about advancements in particle size reduction of powder and bulk solids for laboratory and pilot plant and custom-engineered applications for both wet and dry processing. Information will also be available on genuine NETZSCH and CONDUX parts, service, and upgrades.
NETZSCH Premier Technologies LLC


Vacuum Drying
Booth 3709 - Rota-Cone vacuum dryers are an efficient, gentle, and cost effective method for drying solids to low moisture levels. Rota-Cone vacuum dryers are ideal for drying heat-sensitive products because greatly reduced vaporization temperatures are possible under vacuum. Rota-Cone dryers are sold as stand-alone machines or as complete systems including vacuum, solvent recovery, heating, control, and product loading and unloading system.
Paul O. Abbe


Size Reduction
Booth 3709 - Steel ball mills and high alumina ceramic lined mills are efficient, versatile, reliable, and cost effective methods for fine grinding solids down to single-digit micron size. Ball mills are equally efficient for milling products dry or wet. Paul O. Abbe patent pending pneumatic discharge system allows the milled product to be discharged and collected without opening the mill or exposing operators to nuisance dust or fumes.
Paul O. Abbe


Solids Mixing
Booth 3709 - Ribbon and paddle mixers are cost effective and widely used for blending solids and light pastes in all process industries. The moderate shear of the ribbon or paddle naturally breaks down lumps and agglomerates. Rota-Cone double cone blenders provide a simple low-shear method of mixing all solids from friable solids to powdered metals. The simple design has no hang-up points, making it easily discharged, cleaned, and inspected.
Paul O. Abbe


Viscous Mixing
Booth 3709 - Sigma blade mixers and mixer extruders are rugged mixers designed to mix and compound plastics, rubber, adhesives, mastics up to 10,000,000 centipoise or solids such as carbon paste, powdered metals, and ceramics. Designed with jacketing for melting or jacketed and vacuum rated for drying, solvent extraction, or deaerating.
Paul O. Abbe


Dust Free Container Filling for Powder
Booth 2715 - Filling containers with the patented SiloadmaxX mobile system is a cost saving logistic concept, based on the pneumatic conveying technology. SiloadmaxX provides a long list of advantages, such as reduction of intermediate packaging steps. Elimination of bag or big bag filling results in reduced packing time up to 75%. New logistic concepts for powder producers make international shipping and receiving cost effective. Loading of containers up to 50,000 lb in 25 min.
Pelletron Corp.


Dust Free Container Filling for Powder 
Booth 2715 - Filling containers with the patented SiloadmaxX mobile system is a cost saving logistic concept, based on pneumatic conveying technology. SiloadmaxX provides a long list of advantages, such as reduction of intermediate packaging steps. Elimination of bag or big bag filling results in reduced packing time up to 75%. New logistic concepts for powder producers make international shipping and receiving cost effective; for example, loading of containers up to 50,000 lbs in 25 min.
Pelletron Corp.


Filter Cleaning Control System
Booth 1813 - The new Goyen P-GT filter cleaning control system for reverse pulse jet dust collectors includes features such as: base board and expansion card system that controls up to 1,000 discrete outputs; easy PLC or SCADA integration via Modbus RS485; differential pressure based on-demand cleaning, with selectable cleaning frequency and patterns; minimum temperature of -55°C / -67°F with OLED display; expansion cards available in Goyen Nema 4 enclosures or separately; and the system offers several languages and metric or imperial (US) units.
Pentair Clean Air Systems


Heavy-Duty Butterfly Valves
Booth 1012 - Posi-flate will be exhibiting the heavy duty Series 585 and 586 inflatable seated butterfly valves. The Posi-flate Series 585/586 inflatable seated butterfly valves are designed for the most severe of applications. The new heavy duty seat has been designed for higher operating pressures and temperatures. Standard valve sizes range from 2 in. (50 mm) to 24 in. (600 mm) and fit both ANSI and metric flanges.


Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves
Booth 1012 - Posi-flate butterfly valves utilize an innovative inflatable seat to seal with air pressure, not friction like conventional valves. Posi-flate valves are available in sizes from 2 in. (50 mm) to 30 in. (750 mm) in a wide variety of materials of construction, including stainless steel and aluminum, and fit both ANSI and metric flanges. A working display will be shown demonstrating the inflatable seat in operation.


Custom Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Booth 3505 - PPS offers pressure and vacuum conveying systems for virtually any material, capacity, or conveying length. Years of experience enable staff to identify the best design for your material’s characteristics, your specific application, and to meet strict sanitary standards. Our on-site lab can test new products with unfamiliar properties. Custom options enable us to provide a dilute- or dense-phase system that will gently convey valuable bulk powders with accuracy, reliability, efficiency and minimal maintenance.
Powder Process-Solutions


Custom Consumer Packaging Solutions
Booth 3505 - Powder Process-Solutions partners with world class packaging solutions providers to deliver a semi- or fully-automated system to meet demanding powder packaging requirements while ensuring maximum accuracy. Through easy-access designs and rapid changeover capabilities, Powder Process-Solutions is able to provide a customized powder system all the way from rail car unloading to consumer packaging with a high level of detail and sanitation. Low maintenance designs are offered with no moving parts coming in contact with the product.
Powder Process-Solutions


Maintenance-Free Rotary Magnet
Booth 3505 - Stainless steel rotary magnet removes ferrous and weakly charged magnetic particles from product flows. Powerful rare earth magnet tubes rotate inside the housing while the product passes through, attracting and retaining ferrous particles. The rotary action provides the highest product-to-magnet contact for optimum efficiency, and it prevents product from packing the product stream by breaking apart lumps and cohesive materials. Precision, machined fit housing and endplate provide leak-free operation with no gasket required.
Powder Process-Solutions


700 Series Rota-Sieve
Booth 1304 - Designed to meet high-capacity scalping and sifting for both large and small process applications, the Prater-Sterling Rota-Sieve proves its cost efficiency in the handling of a wide variety of powder, granules, agglomerates, and other free-flowering materials. The combination of high-centrifugal force and blade spreading action reduces binding problems, even when handling materials that tend to flake or agglomerate due to fat or moisture content.


Pneumatic Conveying Components
Booth 2635 - Progressive Products Inc. is a full service provider of pneumatic conveying components specializing in abrasion resistant products such as ceramic backed fittings and wear resistant hoppers, chutes, cyclones, and target boxes. With more than 30 years in the industry, Progressive Products has skilled and experienced technicians who can help eliminate wear problems. All Progressive Products equipment is built to provide years of reliable service and maximize investment dollars.
Progressive Products Inc.


Pneumatic Conveying Specialists
Booth 2635 - Progressive Products Inc. is a provider of pneumatic conveying components specializing in abrasion resistant products such as ceramic backed fittings and wear resistant hoppers, chutes, cyclones, and target boxes. With over 30 years in the industry, Progressive Products has skilled and experienced technicians who can help eliminate wear problems. All our equipment is built to provide years of reliable service and maximize investment dollars.
Progressive Products Inc.


Bulk Material Handling Systems
Booth1500 - Rapat Corp. provides engineered solutions for bulk material handling applications. The difference at Rapat is the importance the company places on engineering and production technologies. Rapat utilizes the latest design and manufacturing software with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the company produces the highest quality products.
Rapat Corp.


Rice Lake’s Signal Conditioning Transmitters
Booth 2207 - For PLC systems that require weight data from a scale, Rice Lake's compact SCT transmitters deliver equivalent signal-conditioning function without the cost or bulk of a full size weight indicator/controller.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems


MSI-8000HD Indicator/RF Remote Display
Booth 2207 - Fortified by the acclaimed reputation of its star precursor, MSI-8000HD is the heavy-duty version of the reputable handheld MSI-8000 RF Remote Display. The milled anodized aluminum, IP68-rated, enclosure is mountable in either a direct panel mount or optional tilt stand. The full waterproof construction resists most elements making it especially appealing to the petro-chemical, energy, marine, and aerospace industries. Fully compatible with all MSI ScaleCore-based crane scales and dynamometers, the MSI-8000HD provides utmost versatility for any application.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems


880 Performance Series Digital Weight Indicator
Booth 2207 - Rice Lake’s 880 Performance Series panel mount indicator delivers durability, function, and communication in a compact, intelligently designed enclosure, complete with easy-to-use menu keys and interface. The display's sleek edges and industrial stainless steel construction keep the 880 functioning great even in washdown environments in many industries.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems


Rice Lake Scale Tools: A Growing Resource for the Weighing Industry
Booth 2207 - As the average scale technician’s toolbox moves further into the electronic age, a growing collection of apps for the weighing industry can now be found through Rice Lake’s corporate website at RiceLake.com/ScaleTools. At RiceLake.com/ScaleTools, users will find an electronic load cell wiring guide for cross-referencing wiring color codes, calculators for microvolts per graduation and Class III tolerances, and a shrink calculator that helps justify a livestock scale investment. The apps can be used from any internet accessible device, and bookmarked as an icon on everything from smart phones and tablets to desktop PCs.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems


Increase Profits
Booth 1621 - Rotex Global is a manufacturer of dry-separation screening equipment with more than 100 years of experience serving the needs of worldwide processing industries. Rotex is a partner in success. We listen to customers and design Rotex products to meet specific application needs.
Rotex Global


SpaceSaver Dust Collector Reduces Floor Space Requirements
Booth 1437 - The revolutionary SpaceSaver dust collector is up to 75% smaller than traditional dust collectors, offering a superior cleaning mechanism and leak-free cartridges. With a footprint as small as 27-in. x 38-in., the SpaceSaver is perfectly suited for applications with limited space requirements. Complete tool-free cartridge changeout and a unique blowpipe configuration make maintenance easy and cost effective. Many different cartridge styles are available, with sizes ranging from two to 48 cartridges per collector.
Schenck Process


Simplify Vacuum Conveying with the MoveMaster Vac
Booth 1437 - The new MoveMaster Vac is a vacuum conveying system that offers a cleaner operating environment for handling both raw materials and finished products.  It is ideally suited for batch dilute phase conveying, direct loss in weight feeder refill, and integrated volumetric feeding and conveying. A wide range of powders, pellets, and additives can be accommodated at rates up to 4,400 lbs/hr and temperatures to 110˚F. 
Schenck Process


Versatile Feeder Handles Wide Range of Bulk Solid Materials
Booth 1437 - Magnesium oxide, calcium chloride, TiO2, and carbon black are a small sample of materials fed by the versatile Mechatron feeder. Complete disassembly from the non-process side simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Flexible or all stainless steel hoppers are available to accommodate a wide range of volumetric or gravimetric feeding applications. Achievable feed rates from .002 to 1,100 cu ft per hour.
Schenck Process


New Quick Clamp No-Ledge Coupling Protects Fragile Products
Booth 1437 - New Quick Clamp No-Ledge coupling is designed for food and light industry conveying of fragile materials. Unlike a compression coupling, which can have frequent pipe misalignment during installation, the Quick Clamp No-Ledge coupling delivers a machined tolerance joint. This ensures proper alignment and creates a ledge-free interior environment on connection points.  As a result, friction and crevices that catch product and cause fines are greatly reduced. Available in extended sizes from 3 in. to 16 in.
Schenck Process


New Nozzle Saves Energy  
Booth3004 - Scientific Dust Collectors has announced the next generation of nozzle cleaning technology for reverse pulse jet dust collectors.  SDC’s unique new cleaning nozzle provides an improvement in cleaning technology that achieves superior performance even at lower compressed air levels. These levels can be as low as 80 psig. SDC has a new technical paper that explains this feature.
Scientific Dust Collectors


Twin Shaft Mixer
Booth 4027 - Achieve mixing results in 30 – 60 sec with the counter rotating twin agitators that provide a unique mixing action, which results in a quicker homogeneous mix than traditional single shaft mixers. This is a versatile mixer since batches can be as low as 10% of the rated capacity, and the exclusive agitator design provides the necessary product movement in the mixer to accommodate even the smallest batch size. Scott Equipment provides numerous gate options, and the lower profile of the Scott TSM easily accommodates retrofits, while providing the opportunity to increase mixing capacity in height restricted areas.
Scott Equipment Co.


Solving Dust Fallout While Moving Dry Goods
Booth 2739 - The Dust Suppression Hopper is installed under a feed point where it can be suspended above the target and kept at operating level. At the point of loading, or transferral, the DSH System concentrates the discharge of dry goods as a solid column through free air into any target repository including trucks, rail cars, storage containers, bags or stockpiles. Uncomplicated to install and easy to operate, the DSH System will reduce hazards and health risks, dust and wastage. By reducing product shrinkage, you can sell more of your product.
Sioux Steel Co.


Easily Discharge Silos and Hoppers
Booth 2724 - Uniform flow and discharge of dry bulk materials through aeration and hopper wall vibration. Prevents bridging, rat holing, and compacting in storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins, and IBC’s. Aeration loosens product and directional air flow forces air along bin wall. The gentle vibration keeps product flowing with no airline plugging. The patented disks seal tightly and the durable design will not tear. There are numerous combinations of stems, fittings, and airlines; models are available for high pressure/low volume air or low pressure/high volume air.
Solimar Pneumatics


Easily Discharge Silos and Hoppers
Booth 2724 - Models available in two sizes for easy discharge of powders from silos and bins. Smaller 2 in. diam. has all the features of Solimar's 4 in. diam. fluidizers but in a compact 2 in. diam. size. Ideal for tight curvature chambers down to 4 in. diam. (100 mm) to keep product from bridging, rat holing, or hanging up in corners. Fits in pipes. chutes, bins, and hoppers giving system engineers and designers more pneumatic conveying options.
Solimar Pneumatics


Nothing Unloads Faster
Booth 2724 - Discover the latest in aeration technology for silos, bins, hoppers, trailers, and in-line pneumatic conveying. Solimar is the originator of silicone disk aeration that provides fluidizing for most dry bulk materials utilizing air pressure and gentle vibration. This method of aeration eliminates rat-holing, compacting and bridging while providing a maintenance-free solution to air pads.
Solimar Pneumatics


Easily Discharge Silos and Hoppers
Booth 2724 - A full range of fluidizers are available that are material compatible - silicone rubber in blue or white (FDA approved) or black or white EPDM - temperatures to 450°F (230° C). Assure your products of zero contamination with the new metal detectable fluidizer disk. This is the first and only one of its kind designed for the dairy, pharmaceutical, and food related industries.
Solimar Pneumatics


Easily Discharge Silos and Hoppers
Booth 2724 - For OEMs or retrofits, here is another useful way to incorporate the family of Solimar fluidizers into your silo, bin, or hopper. Simply drill a 2 in. diameter hole, feed the fluidizer disk through from the outside of the silo, attach the remaining pieces, and secure with the nut. The food grade stainless steel alignment plate makes positioning easy and the retaining cable assists installation.
Solimar Pneumatics


Spiroflow Knows Bulk Material Handling
Booth 1731 - Spiroflow Systems Inc. is a worldwide supplier of standard and custom bulk material handling equipment. Spiroflow offers a complete range of bulk bag dischargers and fillers and provide the widest range of conveyors in the industry including flexible screw, aero mechanical, tubular cable and chain drag, and pneumatic conveyors. Auxiliary equipment offerings include bin, bag, gaylord and drum dump stations,bin activators and bulk bag conditioners. Spiroflow also offers complete robotic palletizing and automation solutions.
Spiroflow Systems Inc.


Powder Handling and Automation Solutions
Booth 1721 - Spiroflow Systems Inc. will exhibit products from its complete line of powder handling and automation solutions at the International Powder & Bulk Solids Exhibition. Spiroflow Systems will specifically showcase its bulk bag fillers, bulk bag unloaders, robotic palletizing, and automation solutions as well as its aero mechanical and Cableflow tubular cable drag conveyors, and vacuum conveyors.
Spiroflow Systems Inc.


New Stedman Vertical Roller Mill
Booth 1601 - This VRM fine grinder has improved particle size distribution, consistent wear and long-life grinding zone components, maximizing efficiency and profitability. It’s designed to economically grind a variety of materials including: MSHA Rock Dust, Calcium Carbonate, Coal, Lime, and Pet Coke. Available in four sizes from 10 to 150 hp. Call today to test your material in the Vertical Roller Mill at the Stedman Machine Company Testing and Toll Processing Facility.
Stedman Machine Co.


Powder Process Equipment
Booth 1737 - Sturtevant Inc. custom designs and manufactures powder process equipment; including Micronizer, jet mills, Simpactor pin mills, and Whirlwind air classifiers. Since 1883, Sturtevant has served the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, agriculture, and aggregate industries. The company is headquartered in Hanover, MA, and is the leading family-owned manufacturer of size reduction and air classifying equipment.
Sturtevant Inc.


BigMax Gyratory Sifters
Booth 1204 - The BigMax offers high capacity and performance handling the most demanding screening applications such as activated carbon, fertilizer, frac sand, limestone, petroleum coke, plastic pellets, PVC powder, roofing granules, salt, sugar, and more. With the potential for 240 sq ft of screen area in one machine, the BigMax offers 12 ft of screen deck length, perfect for long retention time and accurate separations of product.


Expanding Frac Sand Market – Pennsylvania
Booth 3525 - Tank Connection designed, fabricated, and installed 24 shop-welded tanks with 10,000 cu ft working capacity each. Frac sand is stored in the tanks, which measure 14 ft diameter and 93 ft in height. Tank Connection utilized a design that allows for additional storage to be added, with minimal changes to existing equipment, thus allowing for additional growth expected by the client.
Tank Connection


Dry Bulk Project in Arkansas
Booth 3525 - This project included the construction of two bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) 104,964 cu ft working capacity tanks for storing bauxite, and one RTP 3,375 cu ft for storing nepheline syenite. In order to meet the client’s escalated timeline, Tank Connection ran two installation crews simultaneously. The client selected Tank Connection based upon design, quality, service, and delivery time.
Tank Connection


Free Flowing Ash Storage
Booth 3525 - Tank Connection’s client requested one shop-welded tank measuring 14 ft x 93 ft and one bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) measuring 33 ft x 93 ft for free flowing ash storage at a power station. Tank Connection’s scope included custom tank features that were designed to accommodate customer equipment interface in the field. Tank Connection was selected because of recognized product quality, custom engineering and superior field installation services
Tank Connection


Leader in Elevator Buckets & Elevator Bolts
Booth 2814 - Tapco Inc. offers a complete line of elevator buckets with 900,000 in stock – available in polyethylene, nylon, urethane, ductile iron, fabricated steel, and aluminum. Tapco also stocks 15 million elevator bolts. Tapco maintains a large inventory of abrasion-resistant sheeting, drag flights, hanger bearings, and belt splices.
Tapco Inc.


Xtreme Duty Elevator Bucket
Booth 2814 - Tapco’s 20 in. x 10 in. Xtreme Duty (CC-XD) elevator bucket -- with 1,056.6 cu in.( rated at industry standard of 110% of water level) of actual capacity -- runs at speeds up to 940 fpm. The 20 in. x 10 in. CC-XD features a 5/8 in. thick rounded front. Made with 35-50% more resin throughout the entire bucket. Buckets are available in nylon, urethane, and polyethylene. 
Tapco Inc.


Food Grade Elevator Buckets
Booth 2814 - Tapco offers elevator buckets manufactured with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant resins. Tapco FDA nylon resin is compliant with FDA Regulations Title 21 CFR177.1500, 21 CFR175.105, 21 CFR178.2010 and 21 CFR177.300. Trademarked blue pigment in Tapco Polyethylene buckets already meet stringent FDA standards under Food Additives Law and Regulations. FDA-compliant polyethylene and urethane resins are standard. FDA-compliant nylon resin is available by special request.
Tapco Inc.


Tapco AddsTwo New Hanger Bearings
Booth 2814 - Tapco adds machined wood and UHMW hanger bearings to join existing injection-molded FDA-approved white 101 nylon and gray Nylatron GS Style A 226 hanger bearings. Tapco wood bearings are constructed from oil impregnated maple. Tapco FDA-approved UHMW bearings are machined from prime virgin polyethylene. Each feature a two-piece double flange design. Both are available in 1 in. to 3-7/16 in. internal diameter sizes and in stock for immediate delivery.
Tapco Inc.


Superior Sanitary Weigh Belt Feeder
Booth 2515 - The Tecweigh WF18 sanitary weigh belt feeder is a stainless steel, washdown duty weigh belt that has proven track record in a variety of industries including food, pharmaceutical, and chemicals. The WF18 is designed to meet FDA and USDA standards featuring welded 304 stainless steel construction and provides product flow rates up to 250,000 lbs/hr.
Tecweigh Tecnetics Industries Inc.


Conveyors for Friable Bulk Products
Booth 2425 - UniTrak has bulk handling solutions for specific challenges in food/beverage, dry powder/chemicals, and packaging industries. TipTrak bucket elevators, Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors, UniFlex flexible auger conveyors, and Bagstander bulk bag discharger. UniTrak has the choice and variety of equipment to best suit your needs.  Visit us at our booth.
UniTrak Corporation, Ltd


Powderflight Aeromechanical Conveyors
Booth 2425 - On display in UniTrak's booth will be the dependable Powderflight aeromechanical conveyor – a dust-tight mechanical conveyor with a very small footprint. The photo shows a recently installed system of a custom bag dump station with integral dust collector, feeding a Multi-path Powderflight that moves the product to a filling/bagging machine. Components are controlled by a purpose-built control panel with touch screen interface. The energy-efficient and easy-to-operate system provides a safe environment for workers.
UniTrak Corporation, Ltd


Pneumatic Systems and Support Equipment
Booth 1344 - Vac-U-Max specializes in the design and manufacture of pneumatic systems and support equipment for the conveying, weighing, and batching of dry materials. The primary technology for conveying is vacuum, but positive pressure pneumatic systems, as well as mechanical conveyors, are also used as specific applications dictate. An equally important activity is the design and manufacture of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners, which range from small air- and electric-powered drum-styled units to large electric- and diesel-powered units.


Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying
Booth 1545 - Volkmann Multijector vacuum conveyors convey powders, granules, food particles, pellets, capsules, tablets, and other bulk materials without segregation, damage, or abrasion, optimizing material flow from supply side to downstream packaging. When used with a level-controlled buffer hopper, they can transfer from as little as 10 lb/hr to 6 tns/hr over distances up to 200 ft, all in dust-free, operator-friendly, healthy conditions providing sanitary, safe, trouble-free conveying to packaging lines, mixers, filling machines, tablet presses, etc.
Volkmann Inc.


Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying
Booth 1545 - Volkmann Multijector vacuum conveyors convey powders, granules, food particles, pellets, capsules, tablets, and other bulk materials without segregation, damage, or abrasion, optimizing material flow from supply side to downstream packaging. When used with a level-controlled buffer hopper, they can transfer from as little as 10 lb/hr to 6 tns/hr over distances up to 200 ft, all in dust-free, operator-friendly, healthy conditions providing sanitary, safe, trouble-free conveying to packaging lines, mixers, filling machines, tablet presses, etc.
Volkmann Inc.


Loading Spouts for Dust-Free Applications
Booth 3645 - Vortex offers a product mix of retractable loading spouts, positioners and filtration systems to load and convey dry bulk materials to rail cars, tankers, open trucks, barges, ships and stock piles. The loading spouts and filters allow facilities to meet EPA standards and cut down on waste. Products are engineered to be dust tight in dry bulk material applications.
Vortex Valves


Wye Line Diverter for Powder, Pellets, or Granules
Booth 3645 - The Vortex Wye Line Diverter is engineered to handle dry bulk solids in vacuum or dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. The diverter valve is designed to direct powder, pellets, or granules from one source to multiple destinations, or converge from varied sources to one destination in a vacuum or positive pressure system.
Vortex Valves


Fill Pass Diverter Loads Hoppers in Closed Loop Systems
Booth 3645 - The Vortex fill pass diverter provides a reliable solution for pneumatically filling weigh hoppers in a closed loop system. The fill pass’s unique design creates a positive seal on the spread hopper's inlet/outlet stacks separating air and material, thus reducing fill time and down line material carryover. The diverter is stackable to accommodate multiple conveying lines in the milling, food, plastic, chemical and mineral industries.


Vortex Improves Sanitary Gravity Slide Gate
Booth 3645 - The Vortex Quick Clean Gate is designed to handle dry bulk ingredients in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries that require frequent or daily sanitation of equipment. The seals keep material dust and fine powders from leaking from the valve and the valve can be quickly disassembled and reassembled without the use of tools. The valve, made of FDA approved materials, is USDA Dairy standard accepted.


WAMFLO: High Efficiency, Maximum Versatility
Booth 3500 - WAMFLO dust collectors can be used for both venting and suction applications with a wide range of centrifugal fans. WAMFLO is equipped with a cylindrical shape, comes with 304 and 316 stainless steel body, and flanged or clamped connections that contain vertically mounted filter elements. Due to particularly quick access to the filtering element removal, the unique design of WAMFLO dust collectors range makes all maintenance activities easier, quick, and comfortable.


CEMA Screw Feeders
Booth 3500 - WAM screw feeders are custom designed to suit a wide variety of customers’ applications. Manufactured from 6 to 24 in. diam, with variable pitch or tapered augers to ensure proper unloading in carbon steel or stainless steel, WAM screw feeders ensure minimum material residue.


Seals Designed for Your Application
Booth 2931 - MECO custom-engineered shaft seals, application specific designs are based on your specific needs. The seals tolerate 1/4 in. and more of diametric run-out, eliminating problems associated with mechanical packing.  Most models are available fully split or un-split and seal dry powders, bulk materials, vapors, and fluids including aromatic hydrocarbons. Sanitary models are available for food and pharmaceutical applications and dedicated installation and support through personal and case specific customer service provided.
MECO Seals


Booth 1000 - The Wyssmont Turbo-Dryer is a continuous, rotary tray dryer that is used to dry water-wet or solvent-wet materials through a wide temperature range, without the need for vacuum. The benefits of the Turbo-Dryer  include gentle handling for fragile materials, automatic operation, easy cleanout, and low horsepower/heat requirements.
Wyssmont Company, Inc.