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Compact De-Duster

The SRS de-duster is compact de-dusting/fine separation system developed to enhance molding procedures by the removal of dust, powders, and fines from regrind or virgin material. It uses a patented, rotating tumbling process (sometimes with vacuum assist) to remove powder and fines from the regrind or virgin material. Initial system throughput testing far exceeded expectations at up to 1800 lb/hr of regrind with a standard screen size of 1/8 in. The unit requires 110v single-phase or 230 or 460 three-phase electrical. Two models (DFS-1236 and DFS-0618) are available. Both units are compact and small. The main difference is in product throughput with the DFS-1236 producing up to 1800 lb/hr and the DFS-0618 producing up to 800 lb/hr. Custom applications and sizing is available.
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