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DustBoss Dust Suppression Ring for Conveyor Discharge Points

This dust suppression device has been introduced specifically for use at conveyor discharge points, designed to create a virtual curtain around the material flow for increased particle containment. The DustBoss DB-RTM ring is engineered for industrial strength and longevity, built with a high-quality stainless steel ring outfitted with a network of atomizing nozzles that deliver millions of 50-200 micron droplets per minute. By surrounding the discharge flow on all sides, the DustBoss ring provides simple, focused dust management that is well suited to continuous duty, such as radial stackers. The DustBoss DB-R is available in five standard sizes, from 17 to 100 in. in diameter. All five can be customized with DCT’s Variable Particle Sizing technology, allowing customers to specify different droplet size ranges to match specific materials. 
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