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Updated Brochure Details Gold Series Cartridge Dust and Fume Collectors

March 14, 2012

Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) has published a new brochure on its updated line of Gold Series cartridge dust and fume collectors.

Flexible modular construction and ease of installation and service have made Gold Series collectors suited for clean-up of dry dusts and fumes generated in a range of manufacturing processes. The eight-page brochure includes new installation photos, application information, features and benefits of the dust collector modules and patented cartridge filtration system, and schematics of the different models offered.

The brochure also describes options available for fire and explosion protection, containment of toxic dusts, air recirculation downstream of the collector, and other special safety or performance requirements.

Industries and applications for Gold Series collector include mining, welding smoke/fume, pharmaceutical, powder/bulk materials, sand blasting, nuisance dust ventilation, carton folding and printing, woodworking, seed processing, chemical processing, foundry, paper scrap, plasma/laser cutting, thermal spray, grinding, and power painting/pigments.

For a downloadable brochure, visit http://farrapc.com/products/gold-series/. For more information, visit www.farrapc.com.

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