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New Manual Material Handling Safety Video/DVD Available

June 9, 2009
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million workers suffer back injuries every year and three out of four injuries occur while workers are lifting. Summit Training Source introduces Manual Material Handling Safety to train employees on the best safety practices to use while lifting, moving, and storing materials. 

Manual material handlings are common activities performed in almost every workplace. Summit’s program teaches proper techniques of lifting that can help significantly reduce the amount of strain on your back and decrease the risk of injury.

Summit’s program is filmed on-site in multiple setting to show a wide variety of real-life scenarios. As an employee who must manually handle materials, the demands and strains on the back should never become a problem. It’s important to remind employees on the proper techniques of their day-to-day routine so they can get their job done while staying safe.

This program covers safer lifting, hand trucks, manual pallet jacks, and material stacking.

Free previews of this training program are available by visiting www.safetyontheweb.com.