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Lantech's Five-Year Warranty Sets Standard for Stretch Wrappers

March 29, 2011
Lantech has extended the warranty period for its Q Series Semi-Automatic and Simple Automation stretch wrappers from three to five years. The new warranty covers the Q-250, Q-300, and Q-300XT, Q-400 and Q-400XT, and the Q-300XT Plus stretch wrappers. 
“Our new warranty is as simple and straightforward as the one it’s replacing. It just lasts longer,” said Derek Jones, senior marketing product manager at Lantech. “It guarantees all parts and components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during normal use and service. And that’s with unlimited operating cycles. Most other warranties have qualifications. We’ve designed this one to be the most comprehensive and longest lasting stretch wrapper warranty available.”
According to Jones, the Q Series stretch wrappers are Lantech’s most popular machines. More than 35,000 units have been purchased to date.
“The Q’s have always been ground breakers,” he said. “They’ve been award winners and best sellers from the beginning. Customers love their simplicity and durability. The new warranty is just one more of a long series of “firsts” that have consistently delivered increasing value to users of Lantech stretch wrappers.” 
Warranties provided by other manufacturers for stretch wrappers in semi-automatic and simple automation categories typically last for three years.
Lantech is based in Louisville, KY and is the inventor of stretch wrapping. The company holds more than 175 domestic and international stretch wrapping patents. For more information, visit www.lantech.com.