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Kenrich Lowers Titanate Prices

April 13, 2009
Effective June 1, Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc. will lower Ken-React titanate prices 2 to 5% worldwide. “We were forced to raise our prices last year before the global economy hit the wall in October 2008,” said company president, Salvatore J. Monte. “The first half of 2009 has presented opportunities for negotiated lower costs for the materials and processes used to make our Ken-React titanate product line and we are passing the savings on to our customers to help secure our market position.

“This price reduction will apply to 40+ Ken-React titanate monoalkoxy, chelate, coordinate, neoalkoxy, quat, and emulsion products and their powder and pellet masterbatch forms. There will be no change to our zirconate and aluminate prices since the sources and processes for these materials are substantially different.”

For more information, visit www.4kenrich.com.