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Exploring Powder Dispersion for Inhaled Drug Applications

November 10, 2009
Dr. Paul Kippax, product manager for diffraction systems at Malvern Instruments, is one of a group of powder dispersion and characterization experts who will speak in Leeds, UK, on December 8, 2009 at a meeting on ‘Dispersion and Characterization of Dry Cohesive Powders for Inhalation and Particle Sizing’.

Organized by researchers from the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering at Leeds University, the meeting will address the current state of the art and science of powder dispersion for pulmonary drug delivery, and the characterization of physical and mechanical powder properties, such as size and shape. Dr. Kippax will discuss the use of the Spraytec laser diffraction particle size analyzer in understanding the operation of dry powder inhalers (DPIs) and the application of image analysis to understanding the structure of the agglomerates they produce.

“The effective dispersion of fine powders is critical in devices built to deliver drug to the lungs,” said Dr. Kippax. “Malvern’s ongoing research into aerosol drug delivery is building our understanding of the application of the systems we produce and helping us to provide the best possible support to the academic and industry scientists active in this field."

Spraytec, from Malvern Instruments, is an advanced laser diffraction analyzer that provides real-time particle size measurement for the rapid screening and accelerated optimization of inhaled drug formulations and delivery devices. Measuring concentration and particle size simultaneously during device actuation, Spraytec provides insight that complements alternative techniques for inhaler characterization.

The one-day meeting is organized by Mojtaba Ghadiri and Ali Hassanpour from the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering at Leeds University. More information can be found at Professor Ghadiri’s research group’s Web site at www.leeds.ac.uk/particletechnology/conferences.htm.