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Donaldson Celebrates 1000th Torit PowerCore Collector Sold Worldwide

August 26, 2010
Donaldson Company, Inc., a leading, worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems has announced it has sold its 1000th Torit PowerCore collector. These units include the CP Series and TG Series collector models, which are used in a broad array of industrial applications.

Under the tagline “Smaller. Smarter,” Donaldson Torit introduced the PowerCore family of dust collectors in 2008. The CP Series and TG Series collectors offer high filtration in a collector that is up to 70 percent smaller than traditional collectors. Additionally, the PowerCore filter pack, a filter element used in both collectors, reduces maintenance time and cost.

“As manufacturing facilities look for ways to streamline, increase performance, and reduce cost, our customers turn to us for dust collectors that can maintain peak output within a smaller space,” said Tom Scalf, Donaldson’s general manager of Industrial Filtration Solutions – Americas. “The Torit PowerCore CP and TG Series dust collectors meet this specification with a filtration process that is cleaner, easier to maintain, and more cost effective.”

At the core of the Torit PowerCore collector is the PowerCore filter pack, which combines the patented Ultra-Web nanofiber technology with Donaldson’s media configuration expertise. The PowerCore filter pack is a complete departure from traditional filters for both dust collectors. For the CP Series, one 7-in.-deep PowerCore filter pack replaces six 8-ft-long filter bags. In the TG Series, one PowerCore filter pack replaces up to three traditional cartridge filters. Maintenance is easy with both models, as no tools are required and easy-access doors make filter changing quick compared to competitor models.

“The rugged fluted-media configuration used in the PowerCore filter pack is unlike any other filter bag or cartridge,” continued Scalf. “The alternately-sealed fluted channels allow air to enter through an open flute on the dirty side; the air is then forced to exit on the adjacent flute on the clean side. Independent testing has proven that this reliable, leak-free design provides up to 78 percent fewer emissions than polyester bags and meets MERV13 efficiency targets. Additionally, the Ultra-Web technology maintains lower operating pressure drop for a longer period of time to reduce energy costs.”

Savings can be realized with both the Torit PowerCore collectors, including: initial costs such as freight, installation, and wiring; lower energy consumption; the ability to place collectors so that they reduce duct work; reduced maintenance costs due to space savings, fewer filter changes, and ease of moving a unit.

“This milestone of selling 1000 Donaldson Torit PowerCore collectors into the global market speaks to the benefits this filtration technology has brought to our customers in such a short time,” said Scalf.
Donaldson Torit PowerCore collectors are used in a broad range of markets, including paper and packaging, grain milling, fabricated metals, cement and gypsum, mineral processing, food products, chemical and petroleum, mining and quarrying, wood, concrete, etc. To learn more about these applications and the collectors, visit www.donaldson.com/toritpowercore.