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AIHA Applauds Chemical Industry's Support for Reform

September 8, 2009
The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has lent its support to the chemical industry and other groups in their efforts to seek more robust federal regulation of chemicals. AIHA's support follows the chemical industry's recent announcement that it is open to substantial changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).
While a coalition of unions, labor federations, environmentalists, and public health groups advocates a series of reforms to the TSCA, this is the first indication that the chemical industry supports changing the law.
"We are pleased to learn that the American Chemistry Council, for the first time ever, is joining this effort and is willing to provide the Environmental Protection Agency with health and exposure data related to chemicals, and to allow the agency to determine whether the chemicals are safe to use," said AIHA president Cathy L. Cole, CIH, CSP.
AIHA believes that without a clear and concise federal law, activity at the state level will create numerous laws that will be difficult to follow. The support of industry, labor, and consumer groups provides perhaps the best opportunity in years to enact legislation that truly makes government regulation of hazardous chemicals more protective of workers and their families.
AIHA offers its full assistance to Congress, industry, the coalition, and others to deliver the standards, regulations, compliance assistance, and enforcement necessary to help provide a healthy and safe environment for workers and communities.
For further information, visit www.aiha.org.