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Pfizer CenterOne Expands Contract Manufacturing Offerings

March 20, 2017
Pfizer is expanding service offerings at its Newbridge, Ireland site. Image courtesy Flickr user v1ctor
Pfizer is expanding service offerings at its Newbridge, Ireland site. Image courtesy Flickr user v1ctor

Pfizer’s global pharmaceutical contract manufacturing unit, Pfizer CenterOne, is expanding its service offerings at its facility in Newbridge, Ireland near Dublin to provide contact manufacturing of highly potent solid oral dose medicines, the company announced March 16.

“We are pleased to add the Newbridge facility to our network to offer a wider array of services and state-of-the-art containment, manufacturing, and packaging technologies to our partners across the globe,” said Peter Stevenson, vice president and general manager of Pfizer CenterOne, in a statement.

The site produces high-potency, non-cytotoxic solid oral dosage forms for use by humans, and can manufacture compounds including highly active compounds, hormones, immunosuppressants, sensitizers, and controlled drugs.

“The local team has deep experience with compounds that require complex processes, such as modification of powder and particle properties to create novel drug formations, or those with enhanced solubility and dissolution properties,” a Pfizer press release said.

Specialized technologies at the site include active coating, low-dosage formulations, and modified/extended release.

“Our team knows high-potency drugs inside and out, and we look forward to working with companies seeking a devoted contract manufacturing partner,” said John Sourke, site lead at Pfizer’s Newbridge facility in a statement.

The site is currently approved to supply pharmaceuticals to over 100 markets, the company said, and possesses regulatory approvals from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other international agencies.

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