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Powder/Bulk Solids

The Source for Dry Processing and Bulk Handling Technology


c/o AAAmachine, 1291 Rand Rd.
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016
United States
Phone: 847-481-8264
Fax: 847-376-3530
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We have state-of-the-art atomizing technologies such as M-type rotary disc which can provide sharp particle size distribution and Twin-Jet nozzle which can make very fine particle (mean particle size can be below 10 micro meter).
Our customers are from Food, Food additives, Flavor, Fragrance, Chemicals, Technical ceramics, Pharmaceutical, Batteries and other industries. 
Rotary Disc Dryer (laboratory model) L-8i is switchable with spray nozzle. 3 functions (rotary disc, nozzle-co-current, nozzle-counter current) can be achived  with onemachine (3 in 1).  
Large bag colleting type around atomizer (instead of metal chamber) is also available. It is quite unique.
Features are as follows.
(1) Versatile atomizers
(2) No heat deterioration
(3) Inflammable solvents manageable
(4) Consistency
(5) High purity & Easy cleaning
(6) Easily switchable between rotary disc and spray nozzle