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Powder/Bulk Solids

The Source for Dry Processing and Bulk Handling Technology

Horizon Systems Inc.

1101 Horizon Dr.
Lawrence, Kansas 66046
United States
Phone: 785-842-1299
Fax: 785-842-0181
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In today’s world, protecting your consumers, employees and brand is job number one. We understand the challenges you face from process requirements, quality control and customer specifications, and the essential role we fill in being the strong link in your process line. This understanding and focus drive us to create innovative solutions that protect your brand.

At Horizon Systems, our culture has always been one of an engineering company that manufactures. Our inspiration comes from taking proven process solutions and customizing them to meet your needs. This ‘engineering first” focus has made us the industry leader in innovation and engineering improvements, offering system technology to increase the efficiency and performance of your process.

We offer:

·         Material Handling

·         Pneumatic Conveying

·         Extrusion Airlift

·         Majors-Minors-Micros Batching

·         Passive and active sanitation

·         Process and personnel safety

·         Components, Parts and Service

·         ConTran™ continuous dense phase “gentle handling” systems

·         Sidewinder easy-access filter

Our dedication to best-in-class solutions for the Food, Pet Food, Plastics and Chemical industries has defined our success for more than 33 years. Our goal is to be your complete material handling resource, providing you ongoing process expertise and keeping your systems running optimally.