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Eurus Blower Inc.

PO Box 4588
Wheaton, Illinois 60189
United States
Phone: 630-221-8282
Fax: 630-221-1002
View Website sales@eurusblower.com

I would like to introduce you to Eurus Blower Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co. Ltd. of China.  Shandong is the largest provider of blowers to the Asian marketplace with over 40 years of manufacturing experience. In 2008, Shandong decided to bring their expertise to the US market and established Eurus Blower in Suffolk, Virginia, a suburb of Norfolk, to provide high quality Roots type positive displacement blowers.  In July of 2012 we moved our operations from Virginia to the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Eurus offers three different models of bare blowers. We have our ZZ Series which are drop-in replacements for Roots URAI’s, Sutorbilt Legends or Tuthill Competitors blowers. Our MB Series are bi-lobed rotor blowers and our ZG Series are tri-lobed blowers which are replacements for Gardner-Denver DuroFlow and Roots RCS/RAM models. We also offer our standard MB blower package. We stock and warehouse all of our bare blower models in Chicago, IL; Greensboro, NC; Atlanta, GA and in the near future the Dallas, TX and Northern CA area, making them available for immediate and convenient shipment. Our MB blower packages are in stock at our warehouses in Greensboro, NC and Chicago, IL  making them generally available for shipment within a week.

To receive more detailed information or to download our brochures please visit our website at www.eurusblower.com. For any questions you may have please feel free to contact me or our Sales Manager, Mr. Tom Hodanovac at the numbers listed below.

George Gao
Email: georgegao@eurusblower.com

Tom Hodanovac
Sales Manager
Eurus Blower Inc.
PO Box 4588
Wheaton, IL 60189
Tel: (630) 221 8282
Fax: (630) 2211002
Cell: (630) 780 9539
Email: tomh@eurusblower.com