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Electro-Sensors Inc.

6111 Blue Circle Dr.
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343
United States
Phone: 952-930-0100
Fax: 952-930-0130
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Electro-Sensors, Inc., manufactures and designs the most reliable machine monitoring sensors and hazard monitoring systems in the industry. Since 1968, we have been delivering machine monitoring solutions to customers world-wide.

Electro-Sensors supplies easy-to-install, complete systems designed to last for many years of accurate and reliable service. We know that every unintentional machine shutdown costs time and money for our customers.

Our product solutions provide customers with vital information about their processes, so they can make controlled decisions before a catastrophic machinery failure.

Our machine monitoring sensors have identified many problems in process lines and prevented costly shutdowns, equipment damage, product jams, and the subsequent cleanup of wasted product.

Customer service and customization are our strengths, earning your trust is our top priority.

                                 Product Categories

• Shaft Speed Switches                     • Counters and Displays
• Shaft Speed Sensors                      • Slide Gate Monitors
• Shaft Speed Pulse Generators       • Angle Position Monitors
• Bearing Temperature Sensors        • Signal Conditioners
• Temperature Sensors                     • Data Acquisition
• Belt Alignment Monitors                  • Vibration Sensors
• Hazard Monitors                              • Tilt Sensors
• Tachometers                                    • Closed Loop Monitors

For more information on these new products along with our complete line visit www.electro-sensors.com.

Contact us at (800) 328-6170 or (952) 930-0100 for more information. Electro-Sensors Inc. 6111 Blue Circle Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA