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BinMaster Level Controls

PO Box 29709
Lincoln, Nebraska 68529-0709
United States
Phone: 402-434-9102
Fax: 402-434-9133
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BinMaster Level Controls provides reliable, proven sensoring equipment for level measurement of powders and bulk solid materials in bins, tanks, and silos for all types of industrial facilities. Point level indicators for high and low level alerts include rotaries, capacitance probes, vibrating rods, diaphragm/pressure and tilt switches. The SmartBob2 continuous inventory measurement system includes eBob inventory tracking software and BinView web-based monitoring for multiple-site operations. For accurate volume measurement, the 3DLevelScanner is a non-contact, dust-penetrating, multiple-point measurement device that calculates bin volume with greater accuracy than single-point devices, is appropriate for very large and wide bins, and has optional 3D mapping capability. Guided wave radar, ultrasonic, and radar can be used in many solids and liquids. Other products include aeration and vibration, plus flow and dust detection monitors. Established in 1953, BinMaster is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer headquartered in a 75,000 square foot facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

BinMaster 3DLevelScanner Introduction Video

BinMaster 3DLevelScanner Installation Video

BinMaster 3DLevelScanner Configuration Video