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Pneumatic Conveying

  • Dense-Phase Pump

    August 25, 2008

    The Dense Flow System is primarily a high-pressure, low-velocity, dense-phase pump for conveying powdered or granular materials. The system can convey a wide variety of products, including abrasive materials such as sand and corrosive materials such as sodium chloride. Friable materials such as...

  • Cyclonaire Adds New Online QuickQuote Feature

    August 19, 2008

    Ordering components online from Cyclonaire Corp. is now easier. For fast order and delivery of components, click the new Cyclonaire QuickQuote button at www.cyclonaire.com. There, a customer can input his or her contact information, application requirements, and any other additional information and...

  • Premier Pneumatics Launches New Web Site

    August 1, 2008

    Premier Pneumatics Inc. has launched a new Web site at www.premierpneumatics.com. The new site integrates Premier’s online presence with all the Web sites of the K-Tron Process Group, making it more user-friendly and easier to navigate for anyone looking for products on any of the Web sites...

  • Pneumatic Conveying Spotlight - August 08

    July 23, 2008

    Pneumatic Conveying System Behind the MiniVac’s side-access door is an easily changed-out high-capacity cartridge filter that retains product within the process down to 0.5 µm. The unit incorporates an efficient regenerative blower for continuous operation. The adjustable pulse-jet...

  • MAC Equipment Enters New Phase of Development

    July 8, 2008

    Last year, MAC Equipment, one of North America’s leading providers of pneumatic conveying and air filtration solutions, was acquired by Clyde Process Solutions plc, a UK-listed company who also own and operate Clyde Materials Handling, a leading provider of pneumatic conveying and pneumatic...

  • Pneumatic Line Housing Features High Capture Rate

    April 23, 2008

    Untitled Document The pneumatic line housing in operating position The pneumatic line housing in nonoperational cleaning position Based on the company’s drawer-in-housing platform...

  • Low-Pressure Pneumatic Conveying Fans for Drying, Dust Blow-Off, and Cleaning Applications

    April 23, 2008

    A pressure blower being used at a pharmaceutical plant to create a fluidized bed for a pill-coating operation. Single-stage blowers can offer tremendous operating-cost savings in low-pressure, dilute-phase pneumatic systems. Companies have...

  • Cyclonaire Control Panels Earn UL Mark

    April 14, 2008

    Designing and manufacturing industrial control panels that are customized for its pneumatic conveying systems and other product lines for over a quarter century, Cyclonaire Corp. can now use the widely recognized UL Mark to certify that its panels meet key industry guidelines.Underwriters...

  • Pneumatic Conveying Spotlight - April 08

    April 2, 2008

    Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Components Booth 1214 – This company offers a complete line of pneumatic conveying systems and components—including dense- and dilute-phase systems, railcar and truck unloading—that can handle even the most abrasive and fragile materials....

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    February 25, 2008

    Each of the company’s 16 different pneumatic conveying systems has it own set of operating characteristics for pressure, conveying line velocity, efficiency, and performance. Because each conveyed material reacts differently under a given set of operating conditions, it is critical to match...