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Pneumatic Conveying

  • DragSlide Conveys Thin Mil Shredded Plastic Films, Light Fluffy Fiber Materials

    The new DragSlide conveyor is designed to convey difficult thin mil shredded plastic films and light fluffy fiber materials created during different types of manufacturing applications. The DragSlide conveyor positively conveys this type of material, which typically clings to belts and gets carried...

  • Pneumatic Conveying for Bulk Solids Course Offered

    February 21, 2012

    The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) is offering “Pneumatic Conveying for Bulk Solids,” March 29-30, 2012, in New Brunswick, NJ. This course is intended for professionals in the dry chemicals, cement, plastics, mining, food, and pharmaceuticals industries and others where the...

  • Pneumatic and Industrial Vacuum Conveying Components Brochure Released

    Morris Coupling Co. offers an extensive inventory of pneumatic and industrial vacuum conveying components, including: pipe and tube bends; straight pipe and tubing; extended wear bends; welded fabrications; flexible hose; installation components; quick-on and gripper couplings; cam and groove...

  • Volkmann Appoints McAdoo Process Systems as Manufacturers’ Representative

    Volkmann Inc. has appointed McAdoo Process Systems LLC, Collegeville, PA, as a new manufacturer’s representative. McAdoo Process Systems LLC, a manufacturers’ representative organization serving the bulk solids handling industry, is dedicated to finding solutions in conveying and...

  • ECO Phase Conveying

    ECO phase is a new design that improves the way material and air interact in the initial starting point of a pneumatic conveying system. This patent-pending process provides the efficiency, velocity, and transfer rates of a dense-phase system, yet can provide material on a continuous basis like a...

  • XOL Named New Vortex Rep in Middle East, North Africa

    Vortex Valves Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Salina Vortex Corp., has appointed XOL Automation as the company’s exclusive manufacturing representative in the Middle East and North Africa region.   XOL Automation is a diversified engineering company serving the dry...

  • Low-Leakage Rotary Valve for Pneumatic Conveying of Granular and Powder Products

    Saving energy was the underlying factor for the development of a low-leakage rotary valve for pneumatic conveying of granular and powder products. The newly-developed rotor is designed with expanded tips at the end of the rotor blades. Wider vanes result in lower air leakage. In combination with...

  • Spencer Turbine Co.

  • Air Trac Corporation

  • An Education in Pneumatic Conveying

    January 4, 2012

    .pbs_img {max-width:150px;padding:5px;} Professor Don McGlinchey D.McGlinchey@gcu.ac.uk Don McGlinchey Particulate materials are all around us, are handled and conveyed in quantities of the order of thousands of millions of tons per year, have a value to the economy of billions...