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Powder/Bulk Solids

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  • Flo-Pad Bin Aeration Device

    The Flo-Pad bin aeration device is used to maintain the flow of dry bulk powders and granular solids in storage vessels. The main features of Flo-Pad include no moving parts, no filters to change, and no loud damaging vibration. The Flo-Pad uses multiple neoprene booted Evasser aerators mounted on...

  • SolidsFlow Controlled Rate Discharger

    The SolidsFlow Model 6000 controlled rate discharger is used for discharging materials that have the tendency to compact, segregate, and bridge. It helps eliminate these problems by controlling material flow with a feed tray that accommodates the flow characteristics of the product being discharged...

  • Mechanical Silo Unloader

    The patented silo discharger features a vertical spindle fitted with flexible blades to ensure the mechanical discharge of dry solid materials from silos, rigid bins, or hoppers. The unloader rotates within the container bottom to prevent non-flowing materials from jamming, bridging, compacting, or...

  • Bin Unloader for Hoppers

    This bin unloader bolts to the bottom of a 3-ft hopper flange and forms a transition from the hopper to the agitated discharge at the base. It is designed for use with PVC compound, regrind, and coarse saw dust. The bin unloader consists of a horizontal powered discharge paddle shaft extending the...

  • Disk-Type Fluidizers

    These disk-type fluidizers are available for the discharge of powders and bulk solids. This complete line offers long-wearing aeration devices for many applications including silos, hoppers, bins, and trailers. The fluidizers are particularly effective at preventing rat-holing and bridging by...

  • BA Bin Activator

    The current BA model is a technically advanced device for discharging powdery or granular materials with poor flowability characteristics from bins, silos, or hoppers. The BA offers benefits to users in virtually all industries and for a variety of installations. The BA bin activator works by the...

  • Bin Activators with Dished Head Contour Design

    Exclusive features of these bin activators include: a dished head contour (designed to meet ASME specifications); a forged hanger suspension system (for enormous vertical strength and near total isolation); a patented beaded sleeve (molded one-piece with four retaining beads to eliminate sleeve...

  • Gyratory Bin Activating Discharger

    The GYRO EX bin activating discharger produces a controlled gyratory motion to positively withdraw granular materials from bins, storage silos, and hoppers, at any desired rate for a consistent discharge. The GYRO EX bin activating discharger uses a radial force to create a uniform circular motion...

  • Dual-Baffle Bin Activators

    This rugged line of bin activators is designed and engineered to deliver high performance, high product quality, long-term reliability, and low maintenance over life of ownership. Available in a wide range of sizes from 2-16 ft in diameter, each bin activator incorporates a dual-baffle design that...

  • eBob Strapping Table Software for Non-Linear Vessels

    This new eBob software feature for SmartBob2 and SmartBob-TS1 sensors supports level measurement for non-linear vessels such as bins with cone bottoms, horizontal tanks, and mushroom-shaped tanks. eBob software now offers the ability to input height-to-volume or weight data into a strapping table...