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Mixers & Blenders

  • Agitator Hopper with Explosion Protection

    Designed specifically for handling bulk materials known to generate combustible dust, this agitator hopper is constructed with explosion protection and control features, including an explosion venting system, calculated on a Kst value of 170 and Pmax of 9.5, to direct and release overpressure to...

  • Inline Miniature Rotary Batch Mixer

    This inline miniature rotary batch mixer gently blends batches up to 5 cu ft in parts as small as one per million with complete uniformity in less than three minutes, evacuates the batch with no residual, and can be sanitized rapidly with no tools. The stainless steel Model 700-TH-5-SS features a...

  • Mixing and Blending System

    Custom Powder Systems manufactured a 5000-l blender for a customer that fits and can be loaded and discharged within limited manufacturing space and low ceiling heights. The CPS 20 offset blender angle uses the blender sides as baffles and causes the material to cross flow as it is being tumbled....

  • Column Blender

    Designed to receive, lock, lift, and blend an IBC, the column blender allows a homogeneous blend of multiple ingredients without the worry of segregation and cross contamination by eliminating the need to transfer material to and from other machines. Designed with cGMP in mind, the column blender...

  • Microwave Heated Mixing System

    Marion Mixers has partnered with AMTek Microwave to design and manufacture microwave vessel heating systems for the processing industries. The new microwave mixer includes Marion Mixers’ paddle-style agitator and AMTek’s patented volumetric microwave system. This new design may achieve...

  • ProBlend Zone Blender

    The K-Tron ProBlend zone blender is designed for blending or homogenizing free-flowing bulk material within a hopper or silo. With its geometric shape, the compact and simple zone blender provides multiple flow zones in which the material can pass through at different velocities and residence times...

  • Pneumatic Blending Systems

    Nol-Tec’s pneumatic blending systems provide quick, high-quality blending for uniform batches. Wear-resistant aerators inject gentle pulses of compressed air into a hopper cone, lifting materials upward and outward for a thorough blend. You fully control the mix through adjustments of air-...

  • Mild and Stainless Steel Mixers

    MAP mixers are used to mix, blend, humidify, agglomerate, crumble, or condition solids or pastes into the user’s desired criteria. A wide range of mixers are available with mild steel or stainless steel housings. They offer application-specific accessories, such as unique mixing tools,...

  • Mixers and Blenders with Easy-Clean Cantilever Shaft

    This full range of Gardner mixers and blenders features the easy-clean cantilever shaft. The cantilever design agitator shaft eliminates one set of bearings and seals at the non-drive end of the shaft. This, along with the full diameter hinged and safety interlocked door, improves access for...

  • Random-Flow Gravity Blending and Storage System

    The advanced engineering of the Random-Flow blending and storage system uses gravity to meet the demand for a more energy-efficient, cost-effective system. The simple design and efficient process of the Random-Flow system achieves accepted blending efficiencies for dry, pulverized free-flowing...