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Instrumentation & Control

  • HK-8 Moisture Meter

    The HK-8 moisture meter is an NIR meter that uses proprietary software that was developed for the HK4 full spectroscopy system. This software allows the user to make an accurate measurement of the moisture content in any material on a belt or in a chute in real time. The HK-8 has been designed...

  • Air Transducer Ultrasonic Level Measurement

    The Air Transducer measures solid levels up to 33 ft in range. It has two SPDT relays and a 4-20mA output, and uses “Echo Logic” algorithms and a special piezoelectric crystal to produce “the perfect echo” with a 3° effective beam angle. It has two RS-485 Modbus RTU...

  • DV-II+ Pro Viscometer with Thermosel system

    The DV-II+ Pro Viscometer with Thermosel system provides continuous viscosity sensing, temperature measurement, and data display. This permits rapid temperature profiling of viscosity behavior as a function of both time and temperature. Applications include asphalt, candies, hot melts, polymers,...

  • Vibrating Fork Point Level Sensor

    The latest technological advances in vibrating element were used to manufacture the latest Model VHS level sensor with a short 5.4-in. overall insertion length from the top of the process connection, making it ideal for top-mounting installations where tight quarters exist and high level within the...

  • ION Modbus RTU I/O Modules

    These ION Modbus Network Nodes simplify remote sensor installation and help to save on wiring costs. The ION is available with 12 analog input or six channel discrete input and six output relays making it ideal for remote data acquisition and machinery control applications. Input and sensor power...

  • Honeywell Announces Fifth Annual Student Competition to Advance Innovation in Process Automation Industry

    Honeywell has launched its fifth annual competition for technical students in colleges and universities across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), challenging them to devise ways of advancing innovation in the process automation industry.       A committee made...

  • Hand-Held Vibration Meter

    The Model VM-300 vibration meter is a general purpose vibration measuring instrument designed for periodic routine checks of industrial equipment where portability and ease of use are required. Acceleration, velocity, and displacement measurement modes are provided, along with a number of value...

  • Siemens Building Technologies Division, Fire Safety

  • Siemens Selected by Dow Corning as Strategic Process Automation Partner

    January 19, 2012

    Siemens Industry Inc. announced that it has been selected as the strategic process automation partner for Dow Corning, following an extensive review and evaluation process using Manufacturing Automation Platform Selection (MAPS) Six Sigma (Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, Implement) processes...

  • Texture Technologies Corp.