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Drying & Thermal Solids Processing

  • Turbo-Dryer Used in Food-Grade Applications

    August 11, 2015

    This Turbo-Dryer is being successfully used to continuously dry a colorant for use in a food-grade product. The Turbo-Dryer was selected over a fluid bed dryer because the quality of the product was higher than previously seen. It is shipped shop assembled with drives attached on an integral base...

  • New Range of Compressed Air Dryers Released

    July 29, 2015

    SPX has announced the release of a new value range of non-cycling, refrigerated compressed air dryers. The dryers offer a balance between technology and simplicity to dry compressed air systems to ISO 8573-1 Air Quality Class 4 to 5 pressure dew points. The HPR & HPRN Series of...

  • Bühler Aeroglide Adds Food Technologist

    July 24, 2015

    Bühler Aeroglide, a global leader in thermal process engineering and technology for food, feed, and industrial materials, has added a food technologist to support the processing needs of food manufacturing customers. Dvijal Patel joins the company’s process development group as a food...

  • Inverting Filter Centrifuge with PAC Drying

    July 21, 2015

    The Heinkel inverting filter centrifuge has eliminated inherent flaws of conventional centrifuge technology. The result is the first centrifuge with a filter cloth that is axially moveable. This allows the filter cloth to be inverted while under rotation, which completely discharges the solids,...

  • Microwave Mixing and Drying under Vacuum

    July 16, 2015

    WaveMix Mini is the combination of three time-tested industrial technologies: mixing, microwave, and vacuum. The WaveMix uses microwaves to generate heat directly in a fluid bed of product, allowing for rapid and accurate temperature control. There are no hot spots or long waits. WaveMix offers...

  • System Dries, Cools, Screens Agglomerated Sugar

    June 25, 2015

    This sanitary, custom candy processing system combines a vibrating fluid bed dryer, cooler, screener, and integral baghouse collector to dry agglomerated sugar, cool it with ambient air, and screen out oversized chunks. Each stage in the system uses the company's proprietary vibrating...

  • Frac Sand Drying Methods: Rotary vs. Fluid Bed

    June 11, 2015

    To reach gas that was previously thought to be unreachable, pressure is used to fracture rock formations deep underground to allow a better flow of gas through a well. When the pressure is removed, the fracture collapses, which dramatically diminishes its effectiveness. A special type of refined...

  • Thermal Product Solutions

  • Bulk Pasteurization Systems

    May 18, 2015

    The new Macrowave pasteurization systems are ideal for batch or conveyorized applications for bagged or bulk product. In a Macrowave heating system, an RF generator creates an alternating electric field between two electrodes.   The material to be treated is conveyed through an electrode...

  • Heyl & Patterson to Present on Frac Sand Drying

    May 13, 2015

    Heyl & Patterson Inc., a world leader in thermal processing and bulk material handling systems, will present “Fluid Bed and Rotary Dryers for Frac Sand” at the 2015 Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum on Thursday, May 28 at 4:30 pm CST at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston....