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Why Weighing Every Load Can Cut Transportation Costs by 5-7%

Everyone is looking for ways to save money, especially in a down economy. If you have taken a look at how much you spend on shipping, you may be looking to cut costs. Most people first look at their current carrier and consider comparing them to other options. But what if there was a proven method to cut your shipping expenses?
Research indicates that overcharges on freight bills are the norm and not the exception. In fact, the industry average is 5-7%. Without knowing what each load weighs when you ship it, you are at the mercy of your carrier. To make sure you are getting charged correctly, weighing each load for quality and freight costs is more important than ever. The EZ Weigh Integrated Scale may be the most accurate way to weigh each load. Here’s why.
The EZ Weigh includes load cells that are directly under the turntable. Why is that important? This design ensures only what you want to weigh is weighed. Conversely, other designs may be less accurate because they are built into the entire base of the stretch wrapper. Items placed near the turntable could also be included in the weight count. As a result, the likelihood of inaccuracies is much higher.
All things considered, weighing every load for quality and freight costs on a stretch wrapper with load cells under the turntable is your safest bet. To find out why the EZ Weigh is an accurate way to help you reduce freight costs, follow this link: www.lantech.com/promo.aspx?page=EZWeigh.