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WeighFlex DF Inline Weighing System

March 7, 2012

The WeighFlex DF inline weighing system provides full control and measurement of dry material. The system weighs material when it flows through the device and across the WeighFlex chute into the next stage of your process. The WeighFlex feeder version has a clamshell gate beneath the inlet which adjusts automatically to obtain the flow rate (in lb/hr or kg/hr) set by the operator. The design of the system includes a separate control panel with a touch-screen that can be mounted up to 500 ft away from the device. The WeighFlex DF can fit into small spaces and models start at only 24 in. The system can be used for batching operations that include closing the gate automatically when the desired weight has been reached. This allows operators to automate their process by using specific weighed batches of material. Batching can be used to apply liquid or dry ingredients and blend materials, send specific quantities to the next stage, as well as many other processes.
The standard WeighFlex DF is available in different models varying from 2-120 TPH capabilities. Materials can be anything from animal feed to plastic pellets. Larger custom sizes and stainless steel construction are available on request. Analog and digital input/outputs are standard to connect to your central PLC control system.
Comco Controls, Saskatoon, SK Canada 306-652-5005 www.weighflex.com