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Versatile Ship Shape Bulk Container

August 30, 2012

The heavy-duty P-291 Ship Shape bulk container features a squared, 44 X 44 X 4 X 32.5-in.-high design and 32-cu-ft-capacity that maximizes the use of space in standard 55-ft-long boxcars. Ideal for the efficient transport and storage of plastic resin, waste chips, dry chemicals, pickable small parts, and other unwieldy, granular, and pourable solid, non-regulated products, the reusable P-291 Ship Shape container fits two across and four-high in standard boxcars when filled, covered, and stacked, depending on the product weight. The reusable container safely nests seven-high (or higher) for space-saving empty returns. One hundred four containers pack and stack neatly into a single boxcar, 24% more than in a standard tractor trailer to offer high-volume shippers a lower cost alternative to over-the-road transport.
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