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November 21, 2011

Rotary Airlocks
Smoot manufactures a range of rotary airlocks, from the Type 1 standard, yet versatile, version to the Type 6 built with rugged NiHard steel to withstand the most abrasive materials and applications. A complete line of rotor options and accessories is available. Rotary airlocks can be customized to fit your application using open or closed rotors, relieved tips, reduced capacity rotors, chrome or Teflon coatings, round and square flanges, flex tips, high temp, abrasive resistant tips, vented inlet and discharge adapters, and more. Smoot Co., Div. of Magnum Systems, Kansas City, KS 800-748-7000 www.magnumsystems.com

Cone Valve
The dense flow cone valve is used in conjunction with the dense flow charging hopper as the main inlet and sealing valve for the dense flow conveying system. The charging hopper’s design eliminates head pressure, and vents the displaced air when material fills the pressure vessel, thus allowing the single cone valve to completely seal the pressure vessel once full. Unlike a butterfly valve, the cone valve’s seal actually becomes tighter during pressurization. It is not uncommon for a dense flow cone valve to last 15 years or more before needing a seal replacement. JDB Dense Flow Inc., Palm Harbor, FL 800-822-3569 www.jdbdenseflow.com

Universal Duty Valve
The new housings design of the UDV increases volumetric capacities while still providing the same flange-to-flange height and bolt pattern as the SD/HDX Series. The UDV is made for applications with a maximum pressure differential of 7 PSIG and a temperature of 350°F. The valve can either be cast iron or stainless steel constructed. The company designs and stocks 6- to 14-in. round or square flange designs. The UDV is ideal for baghouses, cyclones, and pneumatic conveying. Wm. W. Meyer & Sons Inc., Libertyville, IL 847-918-0111 www.wmwmeyer.com

Slide Gate Material Handling Valve
The StopTight slide gate material handling valve is a dust-tight component for controlling flow in a bulk material system. The slide gate drive action eliminates the need for racks, pinions, cams, or other internal mechanisms that tend to interfere with valve operation. A leaf spring-assisted slide plate seals against the inlet collar to provide an air-tight seal when closed. Large clearances avoid jamming during operation and material flow is unimpeded by any restriction or obstruction when the slide gate valve is open. The moving parts are self-cleaning. The low-maintenance valve is available in manual or pneumatic operation, and in carbon or stainless steel. This unit comes in a wide range of sizes and is ideal for high-temperatures and severe-duty applications. Aerodyne, Chagrin Falls, OH 800-358-7546 www.DustCollectorHQ.com

Slide Valve
The single-flange Mucon slide valve is designed for general-purpose powder and granule isolation applications. Ideal for the simple shut-off on the outlet of hoppers and IBCs, the valve is available with an array of features that include an all-stainless steel slide plate and handle. The stainless steel strengthened handle allows for greater force during operation in comparison to conventional plastic handle slide valves. The valve is also fitted with heavy load nylon slide plate runners. Their elliptical design provides a greater surface area than conventional round section runners resulting in superior strength and ease of operation. An optional lock-off feature can be added for either a padlock or lockout tag, and an optional “earth” tag for high static electricity applications. Kemutec, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013 www.KemutecUSA.com

Abrasion-Resistant Slide Gate
This gravity flow slide gate is as robust as the Vortex Aggregate Gate, but has the superior dust-tight seal of the Vortex roller gate. The Titan Series abrasion-resistant slide gate is ideal for abrasive materials such as whole grains, coal, metal powders, or minerals. The heavy-duty frame is constructed with carbon steel and is available in standard or custom sizes. Additional features are the beveled, abrasion-resistant blade and a displacement pocket on the closing end of the valve. The slide gate features “live loaded” wear compensating seals that prevent materials from escaping into the bonnet area of the gate. The gate utilizes easily accessible, hardened steel cam-adjustable rollers instead of blade guides – a feature that is critical to maintaining a positive seal. Vortex Valves North America, Salina, KS 785-825-7177 www.vortexvalves.com

Easy Clean Slide Gates
Series K easy clean slide gates are used in applications where frequent cleaning is required. Easy and quick disassembly without tools is possible. Gates are constructed from 304 stainless steel with UHMW pressure plates, and are available in sizes from 2-8 in. with tube stub connections. Pneumatic actuation is used for gravity applications. Options include PET or Teflon pressure plates, sanitary ferrule connections, 316 stainless steel construction, and manual hand crank or wheel actuation. Two-week delivery times are standard. Lorenz Conveying Products Corp., Cobourg, ON, Canada 800-263-7782 www.lorenz.ca

Standard and Custom Valves
Standard Britton Procol valves include manual pull/push valves for small bins or emergency gates, dust-tight valves with manual hand crank or pneumatic operators and pressure/vacuum tight valves used for isolation. The valves are produced in mild steel, cast aluminum, or stainless steel to suit the application requirements. Standard or special, all valves provide efficiency and reliability under the most demanding operating conditions. SMS International Inc., Cortland, IL 800-296-1149 www.smsint.com

Gate Lock
The Gatelock assembly is a low-maintenance alternative to the traditional rotary airlock feeder. The air-operated seat inflates to provide a long-lasting, high-integrity positive seal that that can accommodate either full vacuum or pressure up to 100 PSIG. The seat automatically compensates for wear when it inflates against the disc, extending valve life. The Gatelock assembly can easily handle high cycling of dry granular or fine powdered materials and is available in sizes from 2-30 in. in diameter, and in any length desired. Posi-flate, St. Paul, MN 651-484-5800 www.posiflate.com

Rotary Valve
The Blow-Through (BT) Aerolock rotary valve is designed for conveying hard-to-flow materials and efficiently cleaning out rotor pockets. This is accomplished by locating the unit’s inlet and outlet conveying ports in line with the material conveying line. As the rotor within the unit’s housing turns, the pockets are blown clean, feeding material into the conveying line. A second advantage to this configuration is the unit’s low profile. Minimal overhead elevation space is required for its use. The Blow-Through Aerolock rotary valve has an eight-blade rotor that maintains a minimum two-blade labyrinth seal to minimize air leakage. It is available with relieved tips to prevent material buildup on the housing or non-relieved tips for other larger-particulate products. K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.ktron.com

Custom Airlocks
These rugged airlocks are available in customized fabricated and machined models for pneumatic systems, gravity feeds, and volumetric discharge devices. Fabricated models handle dust collection, plastics, feeds, and corrosive chemicals where pressure differentials are 20 in. of water column or less. Urethane wipers provide a tight fit between fabricated rotors and housings. The airlocks have cast housings for added durability and are designed for higher pressures as well as difficult and abrasive materials. Rotor to housing fit is a tight 4-6 thousandths of an inch. Both models offer carbon and stainless steel rotor and housing options. Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

Quick Clean Rotary Valve
Besides the quick clean valve with expandable rotor on rails, Pelletron developed a new type of valve with a hinged rotor. Rail type valves have the disadvantage that dust or other foreign parts can settle on the rails. This problem could be eliminated through the hinges. Special designed hinges keep the rotor in leveled position when extracted. This provides easy pull-out and push-back of the rotor. Shaft couplings are designed for easy engagement. Special surface treatments are available based on customer requirements. The valve is direct driven or chain driven, depending on the customer preference. Various types of rotors are available. The valve is designed for a differential pressure of 22 psi and constructed completely of stainless steel. The valve and all equipment and accessories are designed for complete wash–down. It can be used for powders and pellets. Various sizes are available. Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

Heavy-Duty Rotary Airlocks
These rotary airlocks feature heavy-duty casting, precise machined rotors with larger shaft diameters to minimize deflection, and heavy-duty ANSI flanges to resist distortion. They are available in sizes from 4 to 24 in. in carbon steel and stainless steel. All airlocks are individually engineered to customer applications and can be equipped with various drive packages. Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

Clean-in-Place Rotary Airlock Valve
Designed specifically for sanitary applications, such as food processing or pharmaceutical processing, the Quick-Clean Series of rotary airlock valves aids in regulatory standards and practices compliance, reduces cleaning and sanitizing time, and simplifies inspection. This line of cast stainless steel rotary airlock valves features the RotorRail design that enables full validation access to the rotor and all internal surfaces of the housing without time-consuming disassembly of the endplate, or the concern for accurate rotor re-alignment during re-assembly. The stainless steel housings are cast in North America to ensure superior strength in the composition and solidification of the housing’s metallurgy. The stainless steel housings are then CNC-machined to precise tolerances. ACS Valves, Caledonia, ON, Canada 800-655-3447 www.acsvalves.com