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Tri-Flow Compact Filter System

October 9, 2012

Tri-Mer Coffers seven highly application-specific media for its Tri-Flow compact filter system. These pleated filters are cleanable with pulse-jet technology incorporated into the Tri-Flow system. All provide filtration efficiencies of 99.999% on 0.5 micron and larger particles by weight, and performance virtually identical to a HEPA filter. Tri-Flow filters have a MERV 16 rating, making them a good alternative to bags and cartridges, which are typically MERV 10-13. Filters are either PMF (polyester microfiber) or PTFE; media can be selected for hydrophobic, oleophobic, or antistatic properties, high-temperature compatibility, and combinations of these features. Tri-Flow filters are ideal for fine dusts (down to .05 micron), explosive dusts, and, thanks to proprietary pleat spacing, dusts that are hygroscopic/agglomerative. Filters have 2-3 times greater filtration area compared to filter bags, and a multi-year service life. Filter change-out (from the clean air plenum side) is simple and "tool-free."
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