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Top-Removal Filter for Storage Silos

November 19, 2012
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The new Modu-Kleen Series 725 top-removal bin vent filter allows vented discharge air to be exhausted but prevents any outside atmospheric air from entering the storage silo or surge bin. This is ideal for venting storage bins and silos that contain hygroscopic materials that absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Materials such as granulated sugar and salt remain lump free and are handled much easier. The Modu-Kleen Series 725 bin vent filter fully meets the new OSHA requirements for confined space requirements. Each filter is independent and can be easily removed without having to enter any kind of filter housing, making maintenance and troubleshooting quick and easy. This also makes maintenance far safer when trying to filter hazardous or toxic materials. An added benefit is its modular nature. If additional filter area is required, it can be added easily and at very little additional cost. Pressure differential and automatic self-cleaning controls are standard.
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