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February 3, 2009

Open-Mouth Container Filler
The 4219L Vibraweigh open-mouth container filler is designed to feed and weigh bulk products while maintaining product control and weighing accuracy. Filling rates of up to four 50-lb weighments per minute, and accuracies of ±0.2 of a pound can be achieved depending upon product characteristics. The filler is PLC controlled for improved productivity. The filler can also handle a wide range of materials from powders to larger, granular-sized products.
Chantland-MHS, Humboldt, IA 515-332-4045 www.chantland.com

Vibratory Tube Conveyors
Vibratory tube conveyors are used to gently handle friable or dusty materials. Producing a smooth micro-throw motion, these conveyors have no internal moving parts, thereby requiring no maintenance. The units can save on maintenance costs when compared with replacing screw conveyor flights. They are available with electromechanical or electromagnetic drives and provide accurate feed rates and instant start/stop capability. Conveyors can be constructed to fit the exact application and are available with many options, such as additional cleanout openings and wear liners, and are available in lengths to 25 ft.
JVI Vibratory Equipment, Houston, TX 832-467-3720 www.jvivibratoryequipment.com

Moisture Gauge
The CM710e range of Ethernet-enabled on-line gauges is available for moisture measurement in industrial manufacturing processes. Critical control of moisture content can be used to control product quality, improve productivity, save fossil fuel consumption, and optimize drying processes. The CM710e combines the proven light engine from the CM710 with new, high-speed digital processing technology, Ethernet, and other digital communication protocol connectivity. This combination produces the high-accuracy, robust real-time measurements essential for use in closed-loop control, while offering flexibility and simplicity of installation and operation.
NDC Infrared Engineering, Irwindale, CA 626-939-3856 www.ndc.com

Label Printers
H-series printers have multiple interfaces for every application. Fast USB 2.0 is standard on the H-400 and H-600 series printers for high-speed data transfer from Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux, or Unix systems. With a high-data transfer rate, you can transfer data faster in cases using graphics or TrueType fonts, or where each label is different. The higher the data transfer rate, the greater your throughput.
Tharo Systems Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-878-6833 www.tharo.com

Loss-in-Weight Feeders
This line of loss-in-weight batch feeders provides accuracy rates between ±¼ and ½% with batches ranging from ounces to tons. The units feed materials from fine powders to fibrous or flaky materials. Control of batch size and feed time is provided by a control package that eliminates the effects of plant vibration and electrical noise, along with the need for traditional vibration dampening devices. The controllers incorporate user-friendly, menu-driven software with membrane keypads and easy-to-read displays.
Vibra Screw Inc., Totowa, NJ 973-256-7410 www.vibrascrew.com

Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor
The Hi/Lo Helix conveyor allows a single person to safely and easily handle washdowns, servicing, and auger changeovers in minutes, from the floor level, without the need for special tools. The touch of a button raises and lowers the conveyor from heights of up to 11 ft. In the lowered position, the unit is easily maneuvered from location to location. Sizes range from 2- to 8-in. in diam, with conveying rates up to 25 cfm. The Helix has only one moving part so the conveyor can be disassembled in 20 minutes or less for cleaning or maintenance. Popular sizes are shipped within 48 hours.
Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.ideasthatmove.com

Infrared Thermometer
The Series IR6/IR7 dual-laser extended-range infrared thermometer accurately measures surface temperatures from long distances. This handheld device allows the user to read the maximum, minimum, average, and differential readings. The high and low alarms give audible and visual indication of the process temperature. When taking measurements in dark areas, a built-in white light can be used to illuminate the measurement area. For long-term measurements, the unit includes a dual-magnetic base attachment that allows for hands-free measurements.
Dwyer Instruments Inc., Michigan City, IN 800-872-9141 www.dwyer-inst.com

Micro Worm Gear Clamps
Originally offering micro worm gear clamps in SAE sizes 4 and 6, this company is now manufacturing SAE sizes 4 through 36. The clamps conform to SAE J1508 standards. This expanded range will allow the company to capture the larger-diameter micro hose clamp market. Micro series clamps are manufactured with 300-series stainless-steel housings and bands that are 5⁄16-in. wide, which offer excellent performance in tight areas, as well as small-diameter hoses, and air and fuel lines. Customers may specify either Series 90037 for zinc-plated worms, or Series 90038 for stainless-steel worms.
Clampco Products Inc., Wadsworth, OH 330-336-8857 www.clampco.com

Weight Indicator
The 825 spectrum digital weigh indicator features a full spectrum of colors and graphics on its brilliant 640 × 480 pixel interactive, touch screen, backlit LCD. Features include complete onscreen ticket configurability, unlimited truck storage IDs, fast digital-fill control management, color-coded check weighing operations, and the ability to monitor up to 10 scales onscreen simultaneously. Other features include two ColdFire processors, 64-MB user memory, color-coded QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry, and navigation keys combined with intuitive menus.
Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 417-673-4631 www.cardinalscale.com

Rotary Airlocks
These rotary airlocks feature heavy-duty casting, precise machined rotors with larger shaft diameters to minimize deflection, and heavy-duty ANSI flanges to resist distortion. They are available in sizes from 4 to 24 in. in carbon and stainless steel. All airlocks are individually engineered and can be equipped with various drive packages.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

Batching Control Systems
These hand-prompt batching controls are designed to provide easy-to-operate solutions for accurate minor and micro material weighing. Used in conjunction with platform scales, mixers on load cells, and hopper scales, they sequence an operator through a preprogrammed formula one ingredient at a time. First, the operator selects the desired formula to be batched along with the number of batches to be run. Once each weighment is within the programmable tolerance range, the display automatically returns the weight to zero, ensuring the display represents net weight for the next material weighed. This allows the operator to continually compare the actual and required weight displayed. This process is repeated with each material until the batch is fulfilled. Upon completion, the operator is prompted to remove the container, when applicable. Each batch may then be logged to the hard drive, printed, or sent to third-party business software.
Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-9595 www.prater-sterling.com

Drum Heater
The Sahara Hot Box Model S4 is an energy-efficient oven that is designed to safely heat four drums, or one tote. The unit is steam-heated and features rugged steel construction, spill containment capacity, temperature control, and air circulation. The S4 replaces inefficient homemade hot rooms and awkward band heaters. It is shipped completely assembled. An electric model is also available.
Benko Products Inc., Sheffield Village, OH 440-934-2180 www.prater-sterling.com

Flexible Dust Collection Hose
This polyurethane hose offers abrasion resistance and high tear strength. Ideal for severe service applications, it offers superior chemical resistance and flexibility. It is designed for applications with wide temperature ranges.
Imperial Systems Inc., Jackson Center, PA 800-918-3013 www.isystemsweb.com

Weigh Feeder Refill System
The Series 2400 vacuum conveying system is ideal for refilling weigh feeders in continuous or batch weighing applications. Vacuum receivers, located above each feeder, deliver material to the feeders at conveying rates up to 6000 lb/hr. One central controller provides control for up to 24 receiver-feeder stations. The unit features specially designed blowers, in-line filters, and system controllers. Receivers have quick-release clamps for easy cleaning between product changeovers. Available materials of construction are stainless steel, epoxy-coated carbon steel, or aluminum.
Premier Pneumatics Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.premierpneumatics.com

Control Systems
This company offers a complete line of control systems used with mixing, blending, drying, and dispersion equipment. Included are single-, dual-, and triple-axis panels in NEMA 1, 4, 7, and 12. Special PLC (programmable logic controller) systems with typical touch screen recipe packages are also available. All systems are offered for PLC or manual control, pre-programmed and wired for turnkey start-up and flexibility.
Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677 www.mixers.com

Fatigue-Rated Load Cell
The Model PNC740 is a fatigue-rated load cell that delivers up to 0.03% accuracy over a 100-million-cycle lifetime. Versatile enough to handle ranges from 250 to 100,000 lb and survive in temperatures from -65° to 250°F, it is barometrically compensated to minimize zero shift due to atmospheric conditions. It has a standard output of 2 mV/V. The compensated temperature range is from 15° to 115°F. All electronics are shock and vibration protected, and the heavy-duty stainless-steel connectors feature connector pins that are gold plated, in addition to hermetic glass-to-metal construction.
Stellar Technology Inc., Amherst, NY 716-250-1900 www.stellartech.com

Drum Labels
Premium laser litho and dura-vinyl drum labels meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. It is important that the shipper be aware of and adhere to labeling requirements. These drum labels are designed and manufactured in full compliance with DOT 49 CFR regulations and are reviewed for accuracy and color consistency, along with being double-checked by regulatory experts prior to shipment.
Labelmaster, Chicago, IL 800-621-5808 www.labelmaster.com

Floor Scales
High-capacity, low-profile Alliance RoughDeck floor scales are built to withstand the severe loading conditions typical of fork lifts and pallet jacks. They feature 6-in. structural steel channel frames welded to tread plate decks for optimum rigidity and minimum defection. Easy to access for leveling, all load cells are recessed within a channel, cables are routed in protective conduits, and the junction box is mounted on a handy slide-out tray. Featuring simple to operate keypad indicators, scales are offered in sizes from 30 × 30 in. up to 8 × 10 ft with 1000- to 30,000-lb capacities. Junction boxes are protected from moisture and use quick-disconnect cables. Options include access ramps, pit frames for in-floor installation, Type 304 stainless-steel versions, and indicator stands.
Alliance Scale Inc., Canton, MA 800-343-6802 www.alliancescale.com

Fastening System
The BR6 fastener and fastening system offers a faster and easier solution to belt tensions and pulley diameters that could not be handled by the BR10. The BR6 is ideal for troughed belts with 20- and 35-degree troughing idlers. The system can handle tensions from 330 to 400 PIW and conveyor systems with pulleys as small as 14 in., in addition to operating tensions at 75 to 100% of tension ratings. It requires only six rivets per fastener versus the 10 required by the BR10 and can be purchased in full width strips of 24, 30, 36, and 42 in. It can also be used as an alternative to vulcanized applications and straight warped belting.
Flexco, Downers Grove, IL 630-971-0150 www.flexco.com

Robotic Palletizer
Customized versions of the Robox plug and play robotic palletizer increase productivity and save costs, even in less-than-ideal conditions or footprints. The plug-and-play functionality offers flexibility, high throughput, and simple operation. Robox can be designed to palletize virtually any product, including rigid cases, bags, cartons, or trayed products at up to 30 picks per minute or more, depending on the product, and requires only air and electricity to operate. Palletizing from a single infeed, the unit automatically rotates between two stations, loads pallets, and comes preprogrammed to palletize each SKU pallet configuration.
Schneider Packaging Equipment Company, Inc., Brewerton, NY 315-676-3035 www.schneiderequip.com