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December 30, 2008
Container Discharging and Feeding System
This system discharges containers of dry bulk material into a surge hopper and meters the product into 50-lb boxes or 20-lb bags. The system features a continuously welded tubular carbon-steel frame with USDA-approved Steel-It finish. Product contact surfaces are Type 304-2b stainless steel. Containers are lifted, rotated 150°, and discharged into a stainless-steel surge hopper. The unit includes the exclusive two-speed hydraulic circuit and the patented Control-Link rotation system for smooth, controlled carriage rotation. The hopper features a motorized agitator to promote consistent material flow into a high-speed vibratory feeder. The feeder delivers material through a stainless-steel fill head into the desired container. The system includes a variable-speed feeder, scale, and weigh indicator for filling containers to a precise weight.
Material Transfer & Storage, 800-836-7068 Allegan, MI www.materialtransfer.com

Direct Flow Meter
The C-Lever direct flow meter provides a specially designed sensor area, features impact-free construction, and is connected with a special load cell without rotation points or other moving parts. This friction-free measuring principle works without any mechanical moving parts and is therefore nearly maintenance-free. Dust-tight housing guarantees the flow even if the system is switched off. This measuring principle takes care of the particles, and therefore grinding effects do not arise. Precise measurement of the maximum output up to ±0.2% of the volumetric range is possible (range from 5 to 100%). These data can be recorded as actual values or can be used as reference input for placed ahead, controlled dosing devices. The display of the controller provides the data in tn/hr or kg/hr. There are also four, free programmable counter readings available in tons or kilograms measuring up to three decimal figures.
REMBE GmbH, Brilon, Germany +49 2961 74050 www.rembe.de

Vertical Blender
This vertical blender is ideal for gentle blending and drying of powders. The mixing screw rotates around the periphery of the cone and simultaneously lifts materials from the bottom to the top of the blender. This dual-blending action results in short cycle times. Other benefits include lower consumption, complete discharge, less required floor space, and easy cleaning between batches. The blender shown is a 350-cu-ft vacuum model constructed of stainless steel. It includes a multizone dimpled jacket for heating or cooling, independent variable-speed drives, and special charging and inspection connections in the cover. Designs are available with working capacities of up to 500 cu ft. A variety of options are available including choppers for size reduction, spray nozzles for minor liquid addition, cleanout doors, numerous materials of construction, and sanitary designs.
Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677 www.mixers.com

Dust Collector Series Airlock
This rotary airlock feeder is an economical valve suited for general use under dust collectors, cyclones, and hoppers. Standard features include eight-blade rotors, precision machining, and rugged cast-iron housing for efficient operation. The unit can be configured for most application requirements. With larger pockets (up to 50% more volume), these airlocks can run at lower speed. This provides the benefit of longer life, less maintenance, and higher return on investment. Since temperature plays a significant role in the operation of rotary airlock feeders, these airlocks are carefully machined for actual opening temperature at no additional cost.
Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-9595 www.prater-sterling.com

Empty Belt Detectors
This company has brought the accuracy of its point-level sensors to materials-handling applications such as empty-conveyor detection. By adapting its RF admittance technology, the flexible sensor provides reliable indication of an absence of material on the conveyor belt. A lack of material would typically be caused by a blockage or plugging in the upstream process. The sensors are mounted above the conveyor with the flexible tip riding on the material on the conveyor. As long as the sensor encounters the target material, the output remains unchanged. If the sensor does not detect the target material, it changes output condition. The change in output state can be used to trigger an annunciator, shut down the conveyor, or to initiate any other control system function.
AMETEK Drexelbrook, Horsham, PA 215-674-1234 www.drexelbrook.com

Powder Feeders
Easy-clean powder feeders for volumetric and gravimetric applications feature a simple design that eliminates tools and excessive downtime. Complete disassembly and cleaning often takes less than five minutes. Screw changes are accomplished simply by turning a single knob at the end of the shaft. Each screw comes with its own dedicated set of easily replaceable seals, which reduces potential downtime and eliminates cross-contamination. The pan feeder design also minimizes the risk of cross-contamination with quick release, hand-operated clamps for rapid removal. This feature aids in the cleaning process and with changeovers of material-dedicated feeding trays.
Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries Inc., Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101 www.ThayerScale.com

Heavy-Duty Shakers
Snappy shakers are used for high-intensity screening, cleaning, or sifting. Ten models are available with single-, double-, or triple-deck configurations. Screening capacities of up to 50 tn/hr are possible. Features include heavy-duty construction, low maintenance, low horsepower, and easily removable screens. Custom perforations or wire mesh screens are available. In addition, a quick-change screen option for frequent screen changes is also available on select models. A ball screen option aids particle stratification for more-efficient cleaning. Split-screen styles allow products to pass over the top and bottom deck simultaneously for double the scalping capacity. Triple-deck models are available for additional separations.
S. Howes, Silver Creek, NY 888-255-2611 www.showes.com