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Strong Rare Earth Products

March 26, 2014

Industrial Magnetics Inc. has upgraded all products featuring round magnetic circuitry to 52 MgOe rare earth materials. This offers a higher likelihood of capturing ferrous and weakly magnetic metal contaminants, resulting in cleaner product. It also provides a benefit to the processing stream at the plant level in the form of better capital equipment protection and assistance with critical control points. Two products on which IMI customers will see significant improvements are the Bullet and LTH, by way of the 52 MgOe material coupled with magnetic modeling software that has optimized the circuit configuration. Designed for pneumatic applications and currently testing out at a nominal pull strength of 11 lb on a ½-in. ball, the Bullet will now pull 22 lb. Featuring a 3-in. OD circuit and designed for product with challenging flow characteristics and a tendency to bridge, the LTH (Large Tube Housing) currently pulls 6 lb on a ½-in. ball. The new design will also pull 22 lb. This reflects 100% and 365% increases in pull strength, respectively.
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