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State-of-the-Art Mill for Energy Efficient Production of Fine Materials

March 9, 2012

Alstom has introduced a new mill for the production of fine powders used in fillers, coatings, and pigments. The company’s Raymond ultra fine mill is capable of outputting materials five times finer than existing mill systems, and consumes up to 50% less energy than competing mill technologies.

The Raymond ultra fine mill system is an air-swept vertical ring mill in which a shaft rotates convex rolls inside concave grinding rings to reduce materials to high degrees of fineness in a multi-stage process. Air flowing within the mill carries ground material through the classification process to achieve the desired fineness. The system offers customers flexibility to deliver products as fine as 50% passing 2 microns, or as coarse as 50% passing 10 microns.

“Alstom is introducing another great product to its portfolio of advanced and efficient components used in the industrial field. This new milling system demonstrates our focus on innovation around core activities, producing new technologies with a wide range of applications,” said Thorsten Holl, Alstom’s vice president of auxiliary components. “The ability to produce such fine materials could, for example, allow limestone to replace much of the petroleum used in certain plastics, and even cut back on the use of wood in paper production. This offers customers an environmentally-sustainable benefit in addition to lower capital costs.”

In addition to lower overall energy consumption, the Raymond ultra fine mill features a compact design, low classifier speed, highly-accurate fineness separation, and versatile grinding elements that can be adapted to meet product size specifications. The full system includes an independent mill speed reducer and noise reduction technology in addition to the product collector and system control modules.

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