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Stainless Steel and Woven-Wire Sieves and Separation Units

January 4, 2013

Precision Eforming offers a full line of stainless steel sieves, woven wire sieves, and separation units. Stainless steel sieves are produced in any single increment from 2-2000 microns with square, round, rectangular, or custom apertures. Mesh products can be manufactured in nickel, copper and gold and is generally produced by LPI (lines per inch) and by percentage of light that passes through the material. Mesh can range from 5 to 2000 LPI with transmissions from 1% to 98%. Any configuration mesh can be produced by request. Woven wire sieves are ASTM and ISO compliant and available in stainless steel and brass, offered in all the standard diameters and mesh sizes.
Precision Eforming LLC, Cortland, NY 607-756-7730 www.precisioneforming.com

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