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Spectrum Weight Indicator

July 17, 2012
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Users can instantly determine material inventory with the 825 Spectrum weight indicator's ability to view 10 scales onscreen simultaneously. The power of the Spectrum's large 640 x 480 pixel color LCD becomes apparent when, in one scan of the eye, you can check on your entire tank farm's stocking levels. By touching a scale's weight onscreen, the indicator brings up the individual scale's information to set zone target values and ranges, zero weight, and apply tare weights. Two next generation, 32-bit ColdFire processors with 64MB user memory make the 825 Spectrum fast. It easily handles up to 10 scale cards weighing at 200 samples per second independently. Monitoring weight at 200 samples per second allows instantaneous gate cutoff ideal for digital fill control applications, such as asphalt load-outs, rock quarries, grain silos, and the chemical industry.
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