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SOLO-L Level Measurement Solution

December 11, 2012

This new level-measurement system is used for continuous monitoring of bulk storage materials in silos. Based on the patented StrainCell sensor technology, the new SOLO-L improves on existing silo level measurement devices by eliminating problems caused by material density, angle of repose, wave reflection, and dust clouds common to other level-measurement technologies. StrainCell technology has proven to achieve better than 3% inventory accuracy and better than 1% load-in/out accuracy with legged silos in the field. The SOLO-L is installed, operated, and calibrated via a touch-screen interface. It does not require any conversion tables or calculations. Measurement readings are instantaneous, continuous, and nonintrusive. Built on the Android platform, SOLO-L offers measurement readings via Ethernet and analog interface output options on PCs, Android tablets, and phones, 24/7 from anywhere around the world. PC and Android phone software is included.
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