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Solid/Liquid Delivery System

October 7, 2008
SolidQuid is a solid/liquid delivery system that utilizes motive process liquids to convey bulk powders to a slurry tank. Ideal for automatic, measured delivery of dry bulk ingredients to a process tank, it allows you to wet and convey dry bulk ingredients with a single integrated system. Unlike more traditional means of delivery, wherein dry solids are deposited on top of process liquids using a mechanical conveyor, this system pre-wets solids and transports them to the slurry tank in your liquid stream using standard plumbing components. Delivering powders via this approach prevents clumping and prolonged “floating”, reducing mixing time, dusting, total footprint, and energy consumption, saving time and money. The standard system incorporates a bulk bag unloader and PosiPortion feeder, allowing you to accurately and efficiently meter feed the exact amount of required dry ingredients from your bulk bag. The rate of feed into the liquid eductor is accurately monitored and dispersed by the controls based upon the desired solid-to-liquid ratio.
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