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Small Frame, Six-Element Continuous Blender

August 21, 2013
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Process Control Corp. has developed the X Series 2 continuous blender (X2D6) with a small frame and 6 elements to complement the X2D4 four-element frame, and complete the X2 Series, along with the X2L4 and X2L6. Features include: throughputs up to 660 PPH; color touch-screen operator interface with new “off-the-shelf” control; blender monitors weight loss of each ingredient hopper for precise control of blend ratios; weighing system resolution is 1:1 million for maximum accuracy; storage for 400 blend recipes in battery-backed memory; multiple alarm levels with visual display and contact closures; color touch-screen display for easy viewing of inventory and performance data; brushless DC gear motors with closed-loop control for precise ingredient measuring; high reliability and long lifespan; only two power/gear ratio combinations required to cover the required RPM range; available with integral or remote downcomer; individual weighed ingredient hoppers with easy-to-use drains; interchangeable metering units with quick disconnect; integral loading platform for mounting vacuum receivers; designed for easy clean-out and quick changeover.
Process Control Corp., Atlanta, GA 770-449-8810 www.process-control.com

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