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Size Reduction Spotlight - September 08

September 12, 2008

Grinding Mills

Vibra-Drum grinding mills are proven useful in dozens of milling applications in the mining and mineral industries. Grinding processors are achieving energy savings of 35–50%, thanks to a unique rotational material motion that is more efficient than conventional ball or rotary mills. New processes include micron grinding and mechano-chemical grinding.
General Kinematics Corp., Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-3222 www.generalkinematics.com

Granola Grinder

The Model 88 WC Granla Gran-U-Lizer utilizes water-cooled rollers and a proprietary tooth profile to cut and tear granola into a variety of grind profiles that are much more targeted than those produced on conventional hammer mills. The 88 incorporates a new design that eliminates the need for screens and simplifies the production process. Typical capacities range from 1000 to 4000 lb/hr, depending on the grind size setting. Larger and smaller versions are also available.
Modern Process Equipment Inc., Chicago, IL 773-254-3929 www.mpechicago.com

Vertical Shaft Impactor

The V-Slam, patent-pending, Model VS-88 vertical shaft impactor features innovative housing and rotor designs, easy-access low-profile split swing lid, higher operating speed for finer grinding, and capacities up to 500 tn/hr. An optimal hydraulic drive system offers numerous advantages, including variable mill speeds. The unit has a size reduction ratio up to 15:1 with speeds up to 12,500 ft/min and a capacity range from 5 to 500 tn/hr. Typical industrial applications include minerals and ores, slag, bottom boiler ash, flux, alloys, glass, chemicals, magnesite, corn, salt, coke, rendering of poultry, pet food and other animal feed supplements, and bakery waste. The unit is also equipped with an indexing feed tube and anvil ring and an automatic recirculating lubrication system. Distributor plates, shoes, and other impeller components are easy to replace.
Stedman, Aurora, IN 800-262-5401 www.stedman-machine.com


The Model BD-48 lumpbreaker features a 48 × 20-in. throat and is ideal for creating a free-flowing product from a solid cake or chunky infeed material. Typical applications include de-lumping of solidified chemicals or mounting of the unit beneath a silo to facilitate material flow. Constructed from either rugged carbon or stainless steel, the unit features high throughput capacity and low energy consumption. Models are available in several sizes with a variety of rotor configurations to choose from. Each unit is available with a v-belt or gearbox drive and can be custom configured to suit your specific
application and produce the exact particle size required.
Schutte Buffalo Hammermill, Buffalo, NY 800-447-4634 www.hammermills.com

Shaft Seals for Crushers and Grinders

MECO shaft seals effectively contain dry, abrasive materials in crushers, grinders, hammer mills, and similar rotating size-reduction equipment. These seals accommodate shaft run-out of 6 mm or more, significant shaft misalignment and shock loads while protecting the shaft and bearings from abrasion damage. They are available fully split for quick installation, without disturbing bearing or drive.
Woodex Bearing Co., Georgetown, ME 800-526-8800 www.woodex-meco.com

Wear-Resistant Surfaces for Size Reduction Applications

ConiPerf perforated parts, processed to machine components, are providing a new dimension to size reduction applications. ConiPerf is a specific perforation technique created in Germany. The strain-hardening production process provides extreme durability, making ConiPerf products ideal for separation and crushing processes. The opening’s conical shape gives it its nonplugging property.
Andritz Inc., Muncy, PA 570-329-6734 www.andritz.com/ConiPerf

Centrifugal Impact Mill

This 24-in.-diam sanitary stainless-steel centrifugal impact mill, or pin mill, for dry or wet bulk solids provides fine-to-coarse grinding of friable materials into controlled particle sizes down to 325 mesh, as well as lump breaking and conditioning of fibrous materials. High-speed rotation of the inner “stator disc,” the only moving part contacting the material, creates centrifugal force that accelerates bulk material entering the central inlet of the opposing stationary disc. As material travels from the center to the periphery of the discs at high speed, it passes through a path of five intermeshing rows of rotating and stationary pins, with the desired tight particle-size distribution obtained by controlling the infinitely variable rotor speed.
Munson Machinery Company, Inc., Utica, NY 800-944-6644 www.munsonmachinery.com

Pin Mills for Fine Grinding

The SMW series of pin mills was designed for fine grinding as well as de-agglomeration of soft and medium-hard minerals up to 3 Mohs. On these pin mills, both sets of pin discs are driven, either in the same or opposite direction. With counter-rotating pin discs, the resulting tip speed is over 200 m/sec, which enables grinding to a high fineness. Airflow through the mill assists the grinding, enables the control of the product temperature, and provides a method for pneumatic transfer of the product. The SMW can also be used as an efficient method of coating ultrafine fillers.
Sweco, Florence, KY 800-807-9326 www.sweco.com

Fine Grinder

The Kek fine-grinding universal mill is a versatile high-energy fine grinder. With various interchangeable grinding media, the mill offers one-pass size reduction of powders and granules for pharmaceutical, food, and chemical applications. Available to suit a variety of processes and throughput requirements, the full range of models is ideal for grinding soft to medium-hard materials. The design allows for easy access, trouble-free maintenance, and effective cleaning.
Kemutec Powder Technologies, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013 www.kemutec.com