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Size Reduction

September 19, 2011

Dual Rotor Crusher The Aurora dual rotor crusher is a solution when lump breaking for pneumatic conveying or unloading. The dual shaft design produces a higher throughput and small particles, making it best suited for lump breaking filter cake, frozen vegetables, phenolic resin blocks, rework candy, salt or crystalline material, dryer discharge material, dryer feed material, detergents and soap, rendered products, and solid waste products. The combs on the Aurora are machined out of a solid block of metal for additional strength. The taper-lock shaft mounted reducer eliminates gearbox wobble when operating and double end wall construction helps protect seals and bearings by preventing blowouts. The Screen-in-a-Drawer makes maintenance easy. Stedman, Aurora, IN 800-262-5401 www.stedman-machine.com

Grinding Mills Vibro-Energy grinding mills are a versatile line of mills for fast, low-cost particle size reduction to sub-micron range. Vibro-Energy grinding action achieves higher output per input horsepower; precise control of size and distribution. Product contamination from media and lining wear is virtually eliminated. Maintenance costs are low because of few moving parts and replaceable linings made of abrasion-resistant metal, ceramic, or elastomers. The vibratory motion, coupled with the use of cylindrical media, allows a dense packing of the media bed, assuring maximum media surface contact and minimum void area when operated under a low-energy condition. Feed materials as large as 300 microns can be reduced to sub-micron sizes. Sweco, Florence, KY 859-727-5116 www.sweco.com

Pin Mill The rugged Simpactor is a simple pin mill with an array of liner materials available to suit a variety of processes. In operation, materials are fed to the single-feed inlet dividing the stream to pass on either side of the external bearing column. The material drops onto the spinning rotor plate where centrifugal force drives it through intermeshing pins and against an impact ring. This action reduces the friable particles via impact or gently separates the material into fractional parts if used at low RPM.  Sturtevant Inc., Hanover, MA 800-992-0200  www.sturtevantinc.com

Cone Mill The Kek cone mill can take a wide range of feed material and produce an equally wide range of product, making it ideal for intermediate sizing in both wet and dry granulation processes. The mill provides a gentle low-energy form of size reduction and eliminates traditional milling problems including noise, dust, and heat. The gentle grinding action is capable of control within fine limits while maintaining a close particle size distribution with minimal fines generation, typically grinding from 25 mm to 250 µm.  Kemutec, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013  www.kemutecusa.com

Twin Shaft Crusher  The Delumper DC1200 twin shaft crusher offers powerful twin-shaft crushing capabilities in a compact configuration. The unit crushes, chops, and destroys lumps, chunks, coal, cement, limestone, and more, reducing them to their basic grain size. It freshens and enhances product quality and eliminates flow impediments. The DC1200 measures only 8 in. from inlet to outlet. The twin-shaft design produces a high-impact force with low power usage. The unit features a direct gear drive, one-piece crushing rotors, stationary bar grating, self-cleaning action, a choice of shaft seals, and a durable fabricated housing with machined flanges for easy connections to ducts, hoppers, conveyors, bag unloaders, or systems. Franklin Miller Inc., Livingston, NJ 973-535-9200 www.franklinmiller.com

Fine Grinders These fine grinders can be used for processing materials in explosive environments such as sugar grinding from 4 to 12X with a single pass mill. These new mills are designed for explosion pressure shock resistance up to 10 bar (145 psi). Ideally, these mills are best suited for heat-sensitive products that require a tight distribution of particle sizes. Other options include complete bearing monitoring systems that not only measure bearing temperatures and vibration but also high frequencies that allow for early warning and rapid response of premature bearing failure. Both bearings on these mills are conveniently located outside of the grinding zone, which allows for a more sanitary design and the ability to monitor both bearings. Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-4148  www.prater-sterling.com

Screen Classifying Cutter The SCC-15B screen classifying cutter cuts hard, soft, and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes from granules down to 20-30 mesh with minimal fines, at rates to 500 cu ft/hr. Proprietary helical rotor design with dozens of cutter heads attached to a helical array of staggered holders called “interconnected parallelograms” continuously shear oversize materials against twin, stationary bed knives. Carbide tipped cutter heads along the entire shaft, with no frontal gaps between the tips, cut the product into uniform pieces with minimum fines and imperfections in the granulate, with little to no heat generation. The cutter has a 15-in. throat width and can be fitted with 30 parallelograms with 60 cutter inserts. Bed screen perforations range from 1/32 to 1 1/2 in. in diameter and up to 3 in. square. They are available in industrial, abrasion resistant, stainless steel, and food-grade construction. Munson Machinery Company, Inc., Utica, NY 800-944-6644 www.munsonmachinery.com