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Silo Cleaning Without Confined Space Entry

December 18, 2013
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Martin silo solutions provide bulk material handlers with a solution for blocked vessels and plugged discharge chutes that will remove build-ups, reclaim lost material, and restore design capacity and flow rates. In most cases, they eliminate the need for confined space entry and hazardous cleaning techniques such as explosives, water, and air lancing, typically allowing the material to be recaptured and returned to the process stream. Technicians use remote-controlled equipment from the top of the vessel to safely address blockages. Most cleaning projects are performed with the Martin Heavy Duty Whip, a portable, remote controlled tool that can be lowered into storage vessels through a manhole opening. For extreme blockages where hardened lumps of material have plugged discharge chutes, silo cleaning technicians also use the Martin Buster, which safely dislodges blockages by the powerful force of expanding CO2 gas. When bridged or arched material creates a no-flow condition, technicians can rely on the Martin Drill to bore through tough clogs.  
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