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Sifters, Sieves, & Screens Spotlight - December 08

November 20, 2008

Screen Changer
This screen changer can boost process efficiency by increasing the speed of screen changes on sieves, screeners, and separators, while reducing the risk of operator injury and mesh damage. The unit enables mesh screens to be changed quickly, safely, and easily by a single operator without the need for manual lifting or additional tools. This improves plant productivity while reducing downtime and labor costs at every screen change, inspection, or cleaning. This highly flexible unit can be used with most round separators with a 48–60-in. diameter. It lifts up to four sieve, screener, or separator decks at once, with or without de-blinding devices. It also allows the bottom screen to be changed without
disassembling the decks above it.
Russell Finex Inc., Pineville, NC 704-588-9808 www.russellfinexusa.com

Pneumatic In-Line Sifters
These pneumatic in-line sifters are designed to be directly inserted into a vacuum or pressure pneumatic conveying line as a quality assurance tool. The sifter removes oversized impurities from the product. When placed in a pneumatic unloading or transfer system, the units eliminate the need for equipment such as cyclone receivers, airlocks, receiving hoppers, and blowers that would be required if a standard atmospheric pressure sifter were utilized. Ease of access for inspection and maintenance is part of the sifter’s design, which features a vibration-free drive mechanism.
Great Western Manufacturing, Leavenworth, KS 913-682-2291 www.gwmfg.com

Circular Unitized Gyratory Screen
The Vibroscreen circular unitized gyratory screen has a three-component multiplane mechanical vibration system. The motion is generated by a motor with a double-extended shaft, which is fitted at both ends with eccentric weights. The whole drive assembly is mounted on a circular base by rugged springs, which allows the unit to vibrate freely, and at the same time prevents transmitted vibration from reaching the floor area where the machine stands. Screens can be mounted one on top of the other within the screening assembly.
Heinkel USA, Swedesboro, NJ 856-467-3399 www.heinkelusa.com

Centrifugal Sifter
The Kek centrifugal sifter features an oversized hinged door for quick access to the sifting screen and cantilevered shaft. The fully cantilevered shaft eliminates the oversize end-bearings and seals, allowing for tool-free maintenance. This easy-clean design provides high standards in hygiene and ease of operation, resulting in maximum output and uptime. The sifter provides excellent size reduction for a variety of applications including classification, de-agglomeration, bulk conditioning, scalping, in-line sifting, policing raw material, de-dusting, de-watering, and reclaiming damaged product. It is compact, dust-tight, vibration-free, and virtually silent.
Kemutec Powder Technologies, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013 www.kemutec.com

Portable Reclaim Sifter
This stainless-steel portable reclaim sifter is ideal for sifting small batches of dry ingredients and reclaiming product normally lost through tailings. With the rising price of flour, this is a good way to cut costs. This versatile sifter is capable of batch-sifting up to 60 lb/hr and may be operated sitting atop a drum or using the optional, adjustable rolling base for easy relocation around the plant. The all-stainless-steel construction and waterproof motor make cleaning simple. A custom rubber-coated nylon output dust-chute allows quick changes between collection containers.
American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591 www.americanfabricfilter.com

Gap-Free Classifier
The Vibroscreen gap-free classifier offers non-metallic-material contact surfaces and quick-cleaning features designed to eliminate contamination of ultrapure products. The 60-in. diameter classifier is configured with three screening decks for removing oversize particles and de-dusting, while separating on-size material into two size fractions. Interior surfaces are clad with PTFE and screens constructed of nylon, which eliminates metal contact as required for the most metal contamination-sensitive bulk materials. Gap-free screen frames, quick-release U-clamps, radius corners, a domed lid, an air-lift device to raise the frames, and continuous ground and polished welds allow rapid, thorough cleaning.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com

Centrifugal Sifter
This sifter utilizes a clean and simple design. Material is fed into the sifter chamber by means of a feeder screw, where it is then whirled by paddles. Hundreds of screen sizes are available in various materials to optimize separation of oversize product or fines from the process stream. Screens are totally removable for fast change-out and cleaning. The sifter can be used for scalping, classification, de-dusting, de-watering, and de-agglomerating applications.
S. Howes Inc., Silver Creek, NY 716-934-2611 www.showes.com

Gyratory Screener
The Apex screener increases uptime by enabling quick screen changes, while retaining the same process efficiency and gyratory-reciprocating motion of the Rotex screener. The Apex screener comes standard with features like gyratory-reciprocating motion, positive screen cleaning, bouncing balls to reduce blinding, and inlet and outlet connections. It is enhanced with side-access doors to enable efficient screen cleaning and changes. The ergonomic design of the unit enables it to be maintained by just one person, as all operator-lifted components weigh less than 40 lb. The screens weigh only 5 lb, which enable screen maintenance by only one person. Screens are available in sizes ranging from ½ in. to 325 mesh. Top-cover inspection ports allow for easy seal inspection from outside the machine. Discharge outlets on the tail-end of the machine are also easily accessible for inspection.
Rotex Global LLC, Cincinnati, OH 800-453-2321 www.rotex.com

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